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Son Formula Amino Acid Pattern (MAP)

Son Formula

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SON Formula (MAP ) is a patented dietary proteins substitute, which provides a unique pattern of essential amino acids, in a highly purified, free, crystalline form. After oral ingestion, SON Formula is rapidly utilized.

SON Formula does not require the aid of peptidases and therefore, it is absorbed, within 23 minutes, through the first 100 cm of functional small intestine. SON Formula does not provide any fecal residue. SON Formula is amphoteric. SON Formula is supplied in tablets of 1,000 mg for oral administration. Each tablet of SON Formula , in addition to the active ingredient MAP , contains no inactive ingredients.

  • Maximize your body’s production of protein.
  • Maximize your muscle strength and muscle volume.
  • Replace your body fat with muscles with the help of physical exercise.
  • Maximize your recovery after physical activity.
  • Strengthen and tighten your body tissues.
  • Unique amino acid profile that provides 99% Net Nitrogen Utilization nearly all amino acids are used for body protein synthesis
  • Almost calorie-free (only 0.4 kcal per ten tablets) and provides you with the same amount of amino acids as about 350 g of meat, fish or poultry
  • Absorbed within 25 minutes – rapidly utilised without the aid of catabolic enzymes
  • Master Amino Pattern MAP® is 100% essential amino acids extracted from dietary proteins

Free from fat, yeast, gluten, sugar, corn, wheat, and soya protein or dairy products

Contents 1 tablet contains the following amino acids: L-Leucine 0.20g, L-Valine 0.16 g, L-Isoleusine 0.15 g, L-Lysine 0.14 g, L-Phenylalanine 0.13 g, L-Methionine 0.07 g, L-Tryptophan 0.04 g

As a dietary supplement take three to five tablets daily. Athletes can take five to ten tables 30-40minutes before a workout.

This product is not intended to substitute a varied diet. Storage Keep in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use if safety seal is missing or broken. cGMP-manufactured This product has been manufactured according to cGMP (current Good Manu­facturing Practice), thereby guaranteeing the high quality of the manufacturing process.

Quality Control is stringent at all stages of the process, from raw material to finished product. This product is well documented, and meets the requirements of the Swedish National Food Administration in terms of product safety, integrity and traceability.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
scott i.
Great for recovery

These work for recovery. Plain and simple

scott i.
Solid product.

Still a little early to tell but they are swallowed easily and no bad taste . Not sure yet on the overall effectiveness only one week in. But seem to recover easier .

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