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Magnum Quattro?ÌÎÌ__
Magnum Quattro?ÌÎÌ__ is a 4 isolate, time-released, smoodth digesting protein. With no lactose and a combination of 4 high-quality isolates, essential fats like CLA and flaxseed, Magnum Quattro?ÌÎÌ__ is the great-tasting protein you have been waiting for!
Magnum Quattro?ÌÎÌ__ is an excellent choice for a protein supplement because:
Every ingredient is Pharmaceutical Grade It has only Isolate proteins (the highest quality and form of protein better digestionn, absorption, and results) It has 4 different sources of Isolate protein for timed digestionn It has added CLA and Flaxseed for essential fatty acids and protein assimilation There is more protein per scoop than almost any product available today It will give you more sustained energy throughout the day It will give you leaner, denser muscles It truly speeds up your metabolic rate
Why take a protein supplement?
Almost every active individual is protein deficien. North Americas stereotypical poor diet (1 3 daily, very low-quality meals consisting of nearly no protein) can be blamed for the meager results most people are getting in the gy. Adding a high-quality protein supplement, especially one that you will not get gas or bloating from, will dramatically change the way you look and feel.
Without enough protein, it is nearly impossiblee to build new muscle. Even more difficult is maintaining new muscle without adequate protein intak. Many people have gained significant muscle from a creatine, arginine, or anabolic supplement, but drop most or all of that muscle very quickly because of the absence of a clean, high-quality protein supplement.
A high-end protein supplement is responseible for the following results:
Building and maintaining lean muscle muscle and (to some degree) bone density Creating certain hormones, enzymes, cellular messengers and nucleic acid. Putting togetherr structures that make up every cell, tissue, and organ
Magnum Quattro?ÌÎÌ__ is ideal for anyoune who:
Is trying to build muscle Is trying to lose fat Has a less than perfect diet Is active Is a bodybuilder, fitness competitor or athlete

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