Laird Superfood Rocket Fuel Extreme Caffeine Whole Bean Coffee
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  • Hand Picked
  • Slow Roasted 
  • Nitro Packed

Introducing ROCKET FUEL. Created for the extreme coffee connoisseur, Laird Superfood limited edition ROCKET FUEL is an ultra-caffeinated coffee delivering 2X the caffeine content of a typical cup of coffee. Made from a choice blend of high caffeine beans known for providing a bold, smooth flavour while packing the ultimate caffeine punch.  This bold flavour compliments the flavours of our Superfood Creamer lineup.

Please note that the caffeine in this coffee is naturally occurring, and not synthetically added like some high caffeine coffee products. 

After roasting it is packaged using our special proprietary packaging system, which removes oxygen through flushing with inert gases.  Typically coffee in standard packaging will go stale within 2-4 weeks. Often becoming stale by the time it hits store shelves. Laird Superfood Coffee by contrast, will remain preserved and fresh tasting unopened for six months. Our proprietary inert gas process reduces oxygen content to 0%, where other industry standard nitrogen flush systems only reduce O2 levels to 3.5%.  This little bit of oxygen makes a world of difference in freshness. We go the extra mile and expense to insure you are getting the best, freshest coffee possible. 

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