Kaizen Natural Vegan Protein Powder 840g


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Maintaining a healthy protein intake when you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet isnt always eas. If youre not eating food from animal sources, theres a good chance your vegan or vegetarian diet may be protein deficien.
Just one serving provides 25 grams of nutritionnally complete plant-based protein. Just mix yourself a shake any time of day to top up your daily intake and help ensure that your body is getting the protein it needs to function optimall.
Our combination of five different plant-based proteins takes all the guesswork out of meeting your daily protein requirement.
Think twice before buying a single or two-source vegan protein.
Chances are you wont get the amino acid diversity your body needs for optimal performance. With five plant-based proteins, weve got your protein needs covered like no one else ca.

No artificial flavours or sweeteners
High in BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) with over 3500 mg per serving
gluten-free and lactose free
Mixes Easily in any liquid with or without a blender
No soy protein
No added sugar
Sweetened naturaly with organic Stevia
Free from residual antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals
The first-of-its-kind eco-pack is compostable and recyclable
Safe for kids and adults to enhance their daily protein intake

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