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Due to the addition of whole camu camu and amla powders, Truly Natural Vitamin C now has a stronger fruit flavor than previous versions, and along with it, new beneficial co-factors for enhanced bioavailability.

WHOLE FOOD VITAMIN C: Truly Natural™ Vitamin C provides highly-bioavailable, naturally-occurring vitamin C from whole camu camu berry, whole amla berry, and high-quality, whole-food water extracts of acerola cherry. 

VITAL HEALTH BENEFITS: 100% food-based vitamin C complex, no chemical solvents or ascorbic acid. Vitamin C never occurs as an isolate in Nature. It occurs as part of an entire complex, which includes other important cofactors that assist the body with proper absorption. Whole food vitamin C is non-toxic and gentle on the body. 

GREAT TASTING: Truly Natural Vitamin C has a tart, refreshing flavor. Wonderful addition to smoothies, shakes, water, juices, or coconut water. No added sweeteners or flavors. Corn free.

HARD-CORE STANDARDS: Certified organic, vegan, kosher, and gluten-free. Our TruGanic™ Sourcing standard includes lab testing for GMOs and pesticides. No fillers, binders, flow agents. Packaged in recyclable amber glass.

HIGHEST MANUFACTURING STANDARDS: Family owned and operated. Made in the U.S. in certified organic, certified kosher, vegan facility. FDA registered cGMP compliant.

Suggested Use:

Powder: Take 2 teaspoons per day, or as directed by a qualified health care professional. Consume with conscious, positive intent.


Acerola Cherry Fruit Extract∞
Camu Camu Berry Fruitװ
Amla Berry Fruitװ


Other Ingredient:
Tapioca Starch (drying medium for the Acerola)∞

Vitamin C Panel

The benefit of taking a whole food vitamin C herbal supplement is that vitamin C-rich foods contain the “vitamin C-complex.” The vitamin C-complex can be thought of as vitamin C plus the other compounds that increase vitamin C's efficacy and bioavailability, collectively termed “vitamin C activity.” These other compounds in the vitamin C-complex are considered cofactors which contribute to vitamin C's total antioxidant activity. Some of these vitamin C cofactors are located in the pulp of the fruit and some are found in the skin. These vitamin C cofactors can include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other powerful antioxidants (phenolic compounds, flavonoids, etc.). Vitamin C in plants in synergistic combination with the other cofactors in the vitamin C-complex increase vitamin C's activity. Research demonstrates that vitamin C is both more effective and at lesser doses when the vitamin C complex is intact. Both the camu camu berry and amla berry in Truly Natural™ Vitamin C are dried and powdered whole with their skin intact.



Vitamin C Panel

Servings per Container:

180 g powder | 30 servings
400 g powder | approx. 67 servings


These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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