Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate (beef kosher) Unflavoured
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Our collagen, made of ONE simple ingredient, is a pure protein dietary supplement with a unique combination of beneficial amino acids, great for anyone looking to improve their overall well being.

Some of the amino acids, missing from many of today’s diets, are concentrated at levels that have been shown to promote healthy bones, joints and the digestive system. Collagen protein is nearly tasteless, colourless and odourless,

This low molecular weight protein is easily digested for healthy enrichment in minutes after ingestion.

Beef Hydrolyzed Collagen is important to nitrogen balance, now considered an anti-aging product as it supports age related cartilage damage, and collagen loss.

It will not congeal, because it has been hydrolyzed for quick assimilation and improved hydration to the connective tissue. Making it a perfect addition to cold and hot beverages, smoothies or recipes. Just mix in and enjoy!


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