Fusion Strongman Multivitamin For Men & Women
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Strongman is a product that any healthy adult can use. In fact, it’s a product every healthy adult should use. Consider a bodybuilder’s diet: You’re eating a lot, but you’re probably not taking in the wide variation of foods you need to get all the vitamins you need naturally. Without the right micronutrients, your body isn’t performing at its peak efficiency. With Strongman, you’re getting the micronutrients you need. Of course, please read and follow the label and talk to your health care practitioner before use if you have any concerns.

Strongman should be a regular stable of your current supplement regimen. This essential micronutrient pack can optimize your macronutrient intake, ensuring efficient and full utilization of all the food you need for maximum muscle building. Strongman can be combined with any Fusion bodybuilding supplement, though because it includes an omega oil softgel, you can reduce your regular omega oil intake by one. For optimal absorption, this product should be taken with a meal.

Strongman micronutrient packs can be used by women as well. Strongman's unique complexes - muscle multi, Spinach flax, omega oil and E 100 – are formulated to support peak performance, energy production, muscle building and recovery. Any active individual, man or woman, who is serious about lifting and building muscle will benefit from supplementing with this product. Strongman's unique formulation is designed with everyone in mind, which means it does not contain any ingredients that would benefit only male bodybuilders.


Take one serving – a micronutrient pack of 7 pills – once daily with an 8-ounce glass of water with your breakfast. To maximize absorption of all micronutrients, this supplement should be taken with a meal, preferably breakfast. Do not exceed one micronutrient pack in a 24-hour period. Read the entire label before use and follow directions.

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