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Micronutrients are the vitamins, minerals and other essential biochemical compounds needed to maintain the bodys overall function and maximum efficienc. In fact, micronutrients may be considered more important for bodybuilders than calorie-producting nutrients precisely because of their ability to impact physiological function.
Without micronutrients, its impossiblee to catalyze or facilitate the biochemical reactions that convert the food we eat into useable nutrients that enable growth, maintenance or even energy to fuel our metabolis. Vitamins help enhance the action of protein, causing muscle building and energy productio. Minerals maintain the balance of fluids in our cells and help enhance muscle contraction.
Even if only one of the critical substances is deficient, a bodybuilders progress can be halted in its tracks without warnin. Without these vital micronutrients, nothing happen. Virtually every energy production or muscle growth process a bodybuilder relies on is dependentt on the right proportion of vitamins and mineral. Nutrient deficiency, which can occur during intense training, can sabotage any bodybuilders muscle growth effort.
STRONGMAN is designed to provide the complete package of vitamins, minerals and other essential biochemical compounds you need to maximize your muscle-building potentia. supplement science has come a long way in the last 25 years, and FUSION has put all that science into STRONGMA. STRONGMAN is formulated for serious competitive bodybuilders who want to optimize their anabolic muscle-building capacit. STRONGMANs four complexes muscleMULTI?ÌÎÌ__, SPINACHFLEX?ÌÎÌ__, OMEGAOIL?ÌÎÌ__ and E400?ÌÎÌ__ work togetherr to enhance nutrient delivery, support energy utilization and halt free radical daymage to muscle cell. STRONGMAN also exclusively contains SPINACHFLE. The SPINACHFLEX antioxidaynt and greens complex results in each box containing the equivalent of over 12 cups of spinach in addition to other concentrated green. No other multivitamin weve found offers what STRONGMAN doe. Its arguably the perfect bodybuilding mult.

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