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More Sleep, Bigger Gains Its settled: Getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night is crucia. But theres more to the stor. SHUTEYE?ÌÎÌ__, an advanced sleep aid taken before bed, can help you not only get to sleep, but also benefit the most from all your zzz. As you sleep, your muscles will repair and regenerate, your brain will recharge, and your body will secrete natural growth hormon. The next day, youll come back stronger, more focused, and better primed for gain. Its simpl. With SHUTEYE, a rested body is a powerful body.


How does SHUTEYE work?

SHUTEYE works via three unique ingredient pathways a proprietary muscle Sleep Complex, a muscle growth Complex, and an absorption Initiato. Put simply, the muscle Sleep Complex helps you get to sleep, the muscle growth Complex helps you grow, and the absorption Initiator helps maximize SHUTEYEs absorption into your System so you can experience its full power.

Who should use SHUTEYE?

If youve thought to yourself at any point, Hey, I want to start seeing some serious results, then SHUTEYE is for you. Aswe said before, sleep supports muscle growth, and SHUTEYE supports sleep! It doesnt matter what level youre at if youre a newbie or a seasoned competito. What matters is how committed you are to fine-tuning allaspects of your bodybuilding lifestylee, sleep include.

How do I take SHUTEYE?

Its eas. Just take four SHUTEYE capsules before hitting the sack each night.

Will SHUTEYE make me feell drowsy in the morning?

Nop. When you wake up, youll feell refreshed and ready to take on another day of eating and trainin.

Does the amount of sleep I get each night really have such a big effect on my results?

Absolutel. Just think of the times when youve headed to the gym after a late night ou. you probably felt like you were running on empty, both physically and mentall. And lets be honest, youre not going to break any records or see monumental gains if you can barely get through your set. By keeping you well rested, SHUTEYE puts you in a better place to reach your bodybuilding goal.

I see that SHUTEYEcontains Sedito. How does this help me get a better sleep?

Have you ever had those nights where your mind just wouldnt turn off, no matterhowhard you tried to sleep? All of the days stresses thoughts of work, family, finances, and more just seemed to pile up and stay stuck in your brai. Seditol can help in this departmen. Its an all-natural ingredient that calms your stress hormones, eases your overactive mind, and helps you get to sleep faste. After all, part of having a great nights sleep isgettingto sleep in the first place.

If I lose a bunch of sleep throughout the week, can I just make up for it by sleeping in on the weekend?

We get that life happens, and youre not always going to be in bed as early as you want to b. But even though doing a big 10-hour sleep marathon on the weekend might mathematically make up for the 10 hours you missed during the week, reports suggest that getting continual amounts of rest each night (rather than making up for your sleep debt? in one shot) is still the bestt approac. SHUTEYE helps you maintain a healthy sleep routine so you can always be fueled for high performance.

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