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PURPLE-K KING OF CREATINE FREE INSIDE STRENGTH TRACKING POSTER A bodyBUILDING STAPLE Serious bodybuilders like you have chosen PURPLE-K as a staple part of bodybuilders supplement Program. What makes it a staple is that it gives bodybuilders the strength needed to be able to lift big weigh. When using PURPLE-K you will feell your strength increase with every workou. No other creatine compares to PURPLE-K, as they are not as bio-available and are unable to give your muscles a full concentrated dose of creatin. PURPLE-K is pH correct, so it does not cause loading, bloating, or water retentio. Thus your body is able to fully absorb 100% of the dos. THE SCIENCE BEHIND PURPLE-K The hydrochloric acid in your stomach has a pH between 1 and . This acidic state causes other creatines to break down into creatinine, which is a waste product useless to bodybuilder. Due to the creatines breaking down in your stomach acids, mega-dosing is a common practice when taking creatine. However, mega-dosing is also problematic because it causes bloating and shuts down your creatine transporters (Crt), which limits your ability to absorb creatin. PURPLE-K is considered the King of Creatine, since it uses Kre-Alkalyns pH correct creatin. This allows PURPLE-K to have an advanced pH correct buffer that stops creatine from breaking down in your stomach acid. Thus, 100% of PURPLE-K reaches your muscles in its creatine for. This makes it highly bio-available and allowing you to get the real strength gains without mega-dosin. HOW PURPLE-K WORKS When exerciseing ATP and PCr breakdown in your muscles cause acid to build up in your muscle. This build up is called acidosi. Acidosis results in pH changes inside your muscles leading to muscular failur. PURPLE-K increases ATP and PCr, which are key muscular fuel. Thus PURPLE-K provides your muscles with the fuel to get real strength gains rep after re. Since, PURPLE-K uses an advanced pH correct buffer, it also stops the onset of acidosis that leads to muscular failur. This allows you have the real strength gains necessary for continuing your hardcore muscle building workout. REAL STRENGTH GAINS you GET HAS MADE PURPLE-K THE KING OF CREATINE AND you HAVE MADE IT A STAPLE IN bodyBUILDIN.

Can I drink while taking PURPLEK?
Ye. However, although alcohol does not interact with PURPLEK, it will prevent you from achieving your bodybuilding goal. Alcohol harms you in the following ways: It decreases your testosterone, increases your cortisol levels, increases your chances of binge-eating, decreases your absorption of vitamins and minerals, decreases protein synthesis of type II muscle fibers, causes dehydration and causes loss of slee.
How does Purple-K stop the toxic conversion from creatine to creatinine?
Purple-K is buffered creatin. The pH level of Purple-K is between 12-14 and this prevents it from breaking down in any liquids - even stomach acid. The exclusive Kre-Alkalyn pH Controlled Delivery System makes this possible.
The patent covers all pH levels between 7-1. This forces the pH of all other creatine products to be .9 or less; which means they will convert to toxic creatinin.
What are the other advantages to Purple-K?
Use only milligrams of Purple-K compared to the heaping spoonfuls needed with regular creatin.
None of the side effects of regular creatin.
Purple-K works from the very first serving giving you immediate result. No loading phase is require.
you save money and get better results using as little as 1-3 grams per day.
Purple-K neutralizes lactic acid so you can increase your stamina and perform at higher level.
Purple-K will maximize your strength to weight ratio, because there is no water retentio.
How does Creatine Ethyl Ester (CEE) compare to Purple-K?
Simply, CEE falls shor. Here is why: CEE processing involves reacting regular creatine with hydrochloric acid and alcoho. This process does not protect CEE from converting to hazardous creatinin. Also, the alcohol residuals can not be cleaned, making CEE contaminated and unsaf.
Who can benefit from Purple-K?
you ca. Purple-K is used by millions of bodybuilders to increase muscle mass and is used by athletes who want to exce. everyone can use Purple-K because it is safe and it work.

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