Fusion Micro Dry Maximum Strength Diuretic


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A Powerful Solution for Shedding Excess Water.  
MICRO•DRY is a maximum-strength diuretic that can rapidly rid your body of excess water trapped beneath your skin. Its potent formula makes puffiness and bloating a thing of the past, so that all you can see is finely etched muscle definition. 

Proprietary Complexes Make MICRO•DRY One-of-a-Kind
MICRO•DRY’s THIN SKIN Complex contains a variety of natural ingredients that have been highly valued in both traditional and modern medicine. For example, Burdock Root – a plant native to Europe and North Asia – helps increase urine output and eliminate excess water. It also induces sweating, which helps to remove toxins through the skin. Then there’s Dandelion Leaf, which also acts as a diuretic, increasing the amount of urine your body produces. Juniper Fruit is another integral part of this complex. By increasing the frequency and volume of urination, it reduces bloating and removes excess water, salts, and dangerous toxins from your system. With Vitamin C added for extra health, the THIN SKIN Complex is a powerful tool for helping you look your leanest. While each ingredient works well on its own, they are even more powerful when combined. 

The ANTI-CRAMPING Complex is just as essential to peak athletic performance. Magnesium, for example, helps promote strong bones, a strong skeletal system, a healthy metabolism, and more energy. While some magnesium is naturally found in our body, supplementation is crucial since most of us aren’t getting enough magnesium through our daily diet. The ANTI-CRAMPING Complex also contains potassium, which works with sodium to control the fluid in your cells. With the help of magnesium, potassium is pushed into your cells and sodium is pushed out of your cells – helping to maintain a proper electrolyte balance and giving you the dry look you want.  

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