Fit Crunch Whey Protein Baked Bars (Single Bar - 88g)


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Peanut Butter
The award-winning Fit Crunch Peanut Butter Baked Bar is arguably the best protein bar ever ever made. The classic candy bar combination of peanut butter and chocolate stops cravings in their tracks, while delivering quality whey protein isolate with just 6g of sugar. 

Award-winning Taste
Whey protein Isolate
Just 6g of sugar

Cookies And Cream
Now you can get your protein and enjoy one of Americas favourite dessert flavours at the same time. Featuring a soft baked cookie core, rich vanilla cream layer, and a cookie crunch in every bit. Pairs well with a vanilla protein shake!

Whey protein Isolate
High protein
Just 6g of sugar

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Satisfy your cookie dough craving without asking grandma if you can lick the mixing spoon. Its gluten-free, delicious, and like no other. Be prepared to indulge with the soft cookie dough core mixed with milk chocolate chips, 30g of quality protein, and just 6g of sugar.

Whey protein Isolate
Just 6g of sugar
Ultimate Chocolate Flavour

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