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Coco Natura Coconut Spread is made from clean, simple ingredients that you and your family can enjoy with confidenc. This sweet treat is made from 3 simple ingredients:

Coconut meat: an excellent source of dietary fibre
Coconut milk: contains lauric acid (an essential fatty acid)
Coco Natura Coconut sugar: a nutrient-rich additive-free low Glycemic Index sugar

All three ingredients combine to make this deliciously nutritionus Coconut Spread! Nothing else is added NO preservatives, artificial flavours or colourin. Use it to ice the tops of cakes, spread on toast, crackers, bananas_ or enjoy on a spoon!

Coco Natura Coconut Spread is_

gluten and Nut Free (safe for schools!)
Nutrient Rich
Low GI
Mom and Kid Approved!

Suggested Use

A healthy, delicious condiment option.

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