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Take BOOST before exercise for instant mind and body enhancement. Formulated with the world’s most clinically-validated pre-workout performance ingredients, BOOST helps you go harder, faster, and longer to crush the competition. Even if you’re only competing against yourself. 

What is BOOST? 

BOOST is the world’s first product to combine Nitrosigine (a nitric oxide booster), Drink HRW tablets (molecular hydrogen), and caffeine. These pre-workout performance ingredients have been scientifically-validated to enhance perceived energy, focus, endurance capacity, high-intensity output, and muscle recovery.

Why Should I Use BOOST?

BOOST gives you an edge. It helps you do more on the field, road, gym, or wherever you move your body. No other product contains this union of clinically-validated performance ingredients.

Performance Ingredient #1: Nitrosigine.This patented blend of arginine and silicon helps boost the production of nitric oxide to bring more blood to your muscles. Nitrosigine has been clinically shown to enhance perceived energy, focus, and muscle recovery.

Performance Ingredient #2: Caffeine.  No acute performance enhancer has been studied more than caffeine. Research shows that caffeine improves both endurance and high-intensity performance while decreasing perceived effort.

Performance Ingredient #3: Drink HRW Tablets.Used by pro athletes and supported by clinical studies, Drink HRW Tablets deliver more molecular hydrogen to your cells than any other product on the market. Drink HRW Tablets have been shown to enhance VO2 max, time to exhaustion, and alertness.

    Are These Compounds Safe?

    Nitrosigine, caffeine, and Drink HRW tablets have been safely used in dozens of studies. Every batch of BOOST is certified by Informed-Sport, a third-party lab that tests for label accuracy, banned substances, and contaminants. Note: We use a moderate dose of caffeine (200 mg is about two cups of coffee) to reduce the chance of caffeine-related side effects while providing maximum benefit. 

    Who Is BOOST For? 

    BOOST is for the competitor, the athlete, and anyone else looking to enhance their exercise performance. It’s for the person who wants to move more explosively, train harder for longer, and recover faster. BOOST also serves as pre-workout motivation. It lifts you up, gets you out the door, and motivates you in the gym whether that gym is indoors or outdoors. And BOOST isn’t just for exercise. It’s also great for mid-afternoon pick me up, or to get you moving in the morning after a long night out. 

    Directions: Add one packet of BOOST to an open cup of water and stir. Add the included Drink HRW tablet to the mixture and wait 1-2 minutes while the hydrogen dissolves. Drink 15 minutes before exercise for best results.  

    Arginine silicate (as Nitrosigine), caffeine, magnesium, citric acid, natural kiwi strawberry flavor, L-malic acid, maltodextrin, sucralose, organic beetroot juice powder, monk fruit extract.

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