Wilderness Family Naturals Organic Centrifuged Coconut Oil
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Wilderness family Naturals' Centrifuged Virgin Coconut Oil is USday Certified Organic by ICS (International Certification Services. It is made from fresh coconuts that are shelled, chopped and then gently expeller pressse. The temperatures of the coconut flesh and the resulting coconut milk emulsion are carefully monitored to insure they do not exceed 40 C or 104 . Once the coconut is shelled, it takes less than 45 minutes to producte the mil. This coconut milk, with the aid of a series of centrifuges, separates the oil from the water components of the mil. The centrifuge works like a cream separator used for separating cream from cow's mil. It requires a series of passes through 6 different centrifuges before a pure oil is isolated, but the result is absolutely fabulou. Lastly, a slight vacuum is placed on the coconut oil to remove any remaining traces of moistur. Once all moisture is removed, the oil is packaged into new stainless steel drums for shipment to the U.
From the supplier:
"Our current centrifuged, virgin coconut oil is creamy and smoodth when it is in a semi-solid stat. It is completely clear like spring water when it is in a liquid stat. It is pure white when it is in a solid stat. It has a very mild, light coconut tast. This oil consistently rates number one every time it is taste-teste. However, many believe Wilderness family Naturals' Cold-presssed Virgin Coconut Oil rivals i. The main difference between the two oils is taste/flavor with the Cold-presssed Virgin Coconut oil having a stronger flavo. Those who eatcoconut oil raw or in raw treats generally prefer the Centrifuged Coconut Oil and definitely, those who usecoconut oil in a variety of applications and want a milder coconut flavor prefer the Centrifuged oi."

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