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Time to Upgrade your Brain
Are you working to reduce fatigue, anxiety, and brain fog? Do you want your thoughts to be smoodther and more productive? Do you want to supercharge your brain for better learning and faster thinking without the side effects of stimulants?
Who doesnt? Thats a big part of learning to be in the Bulletproof state of high performance. Its something I strive for every day, always seeking new ways to beand domor.
Thats why, after years of testing, Im excited to introduce a new substance that has risen above the rest as a safe, effective way to Bulletproof your brain: oxaloacetate, also known as OA.
Shown to protect neurons in the brain from environmental toxins, OAA can also improve day-to-day brain function and may even help reduce age related condition. There is also compelling animal evidence it can improve short term memory. A further side effect from animal studies is an increase the quantity and quality of lif. A nice side effect, rating HIGH on my scale from 1 to Amazin.
Oxaloacetate is an anti-aging formula every Bulletproof person should consider for quality and length of lif. Heres wh.

Its a nutritionnal supplement, not a dru. Im not opposed to drugs when there is no natural replacement, but Im comfortable because oxaloacetate is in many foods in small amounts, and its a critical metabolic compound in your body. I take it and my family uses i.
Our oxaloacetate is from an extremely high quality source where impurities are ruthlessly flushed out and remove. you wont get a ton of low quality fillers and stabilizers like you would from other supplement. And being thermally stabilized, you dont have to store it at -40 degrees .
Upgraded Aging Formula vegi-caps are 100% soy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, and contain no colorants, no flow agents, and no preservative.
Our oxaloacetate is in a form that is Easily assimilated by your body, so it actually does its job and doesnt just give you expensive urin. Its water soluble, and PKA studies show it in the bloodstream 30 minutes after ingestio.
This stuff has actual research behind it a lot of research thats been verified by being my own guinea pig? the gold standard of the Bulletproof Executiv.
Our main recommendaytion for oxaloacetate is to upgrade your brai. Clear out that brain fog, stop repetitive/circular thoughts that slow you down and crystallize your real cognitive potentia. And as if that werent enough theres good evidence it does much more_read on below.

How oxaloacetate gives you the advantages of caloric restriction (without restricting calories)
Oxaloacetate is a calorie restriction mimeti. It takes advantage of the benefits of calorie restriction while saving you from the negative.
In animals, calorie restriction can extend lifespan by up to 50. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
There is little question calorie restriction extends life in animals, but it can cause problems for humans like low body temperature, muscle loss, cognitive dysfunction, and decreased quality of lif. This dilemma has led researchers to look for substances that mimic the effects of calorie restriction, while avoiding the side effect.7, 8, 9, 10
Oxaloacetate is the most promising substance Ive yet foun. It extends lifespan in worms through similar mechanisms as calorie restrictio.11
Rodent studies have shown similar effect.12 As youll see, this effect has a plethora of health benefits, many of which we are just beginning to understan. It Programs genes for a longer life, it shields neurons from harmful amounts of glutamate, it protects mitochondria from DNA daymage due to environmental toxins, and it may even help with age-related condition.
How oxaloacetate Programs your genes for maximum longevityy
Animal models show that oxaloacetate tells genes to keep you alive longer than would normally be possible. Activating the AMPK-FOXO pathways through calorie restriction extends lifespan in worm.13 In vitro, oxaloacetate can increase NAD+ levels by 50%, which activates the AMPK-FOXO pathway.14 Oxaloacetate tells your genes to make you live longe.
Why your brain is in daynger (and how oxaloacetate can help)
Oxaloacetate maintains healthy neurons in your brain and nervous System by insuring that there is no toxic build-up of glutamate in your hea.
Glutamate is the most common neurotransmitter in your body.15 Monosodium glutamate (MSG) also raises glutamate levels in the human body. It is needed for learning and memory, but under the wrong conditions, it can kill neuron.16
In excess, glutamate excites your brain cells to death, which can lead to serious problems including cognitive declin.17 In particular, glutamate kills the cells that make myelin, the coating around your nerves that is needed for the creation of white matte.18
When everything is working right, glutamate levels in the brain are kept in a fine balance, with just enough being producted to support brain function without causing har. However, chronic stress impairs glutamate metabolism so that excess glutamate accumulates in the brai.19
Over time, excess glutamate can cause mental impairment, sleep problems, and even more stress, all of which impairs glutamate recyclin. This becomes a vicious cycle where stress leads to glutamate toxicity, and glutamate toxicity leads to more stress. Oxaloacetate can stop this cycle from continuing and allow continued normal functionin.
How oxaloacetate protects you from brain daymage

Oxaloacetate steps in and keeps glutamate from wreaking havoc on your brai. Injected oxaloacetate reduced brain glutamate levels in rats by 40.20

Not only does it reduce glutamate levels, it converts the harmful excess glutamate into fuel for neuron.21

Injecting rats with oxaloacetate also reduced glutamate levels and protected neurons after traumatic head injur. 22, 23, 24, 25

This results in improved brain function over the long ter.26

When oxaloacetate metabolism is blocked in animals that suffer a stroke, brain daymage is far more sever.27

Oxaloacetate has been shown to be more powerful than the other leading glutamate scavengers in animal.28

While the above research was done in animals, and we absolutely dont recommend oxaloacetate for traumatic head injury or stroke, I think you can agree that this supplement is moving things in the right directio.29, 30
Oxaloacetate is water soluble, so it reaches almost every part of your body including the inside of your brai.31
Oxaloacetate show a lot of promise for maintaining proper neurological support. For our purposes, I use it to clear out brain fog that can occur from stress accumulated glutamate buildu. I find my thoughts are smoodther and it lowers my anxiety level so that I can make better decision.
In short, oxaloacetate keeps your brain on the right course, and provides neurological System support. It allows you think bette. However, oxaloacetate supports more than just brain cell.
How oxaloacetate supports your mitochondria
daymage to mitochondrial DNA is a major contributor to aging and other serious condition. Loss of brain function is often preceded by a decline in mitochondrial function.
In vitro studies have shown that oxaloacetate protects against mitochondrial DNA daymage from environmental toxin.32 Oxaloacetate also supports your DNA by increAsiang NAD+ levels in your cells, which shields DNA from free radical daymag.33 In rats, oxaloacetate can reduce mitochondrial daymage caused by excitotoxin.34
Oxaloacetate has also been shown to increase the protective effects of zinc on human eye cells in a test tub.35 By supporting your DNA and other tissues, oxaloacetate may reduce your risky of many age-related degenerative condition.
As a side effect, it may also increase average and maximal lifespa.
Whats in Upgraded Aging Formula
There are 250mg of Upgraded Aging Formula in each capsule, and 30 capsules in 1 bottl. 100mg of each capsule is thermally stabilized oxaloacetate, and150mg is vitamin .
Vitamin C is not just a fillerits a key ingredien. Vitamin C acts as an electron acceptor, stabilizing the oxaloacetate and preventing it from turning into pyruvat.

Suggested Use

Take one capsule daily with food.

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