Body Energy Club | Whey Protein Blend 2.27kg
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Body Energy Club Whey features a strategic blend of cross flow filtration whey protein concentrate, isolate and fast acting hydrolysate. Each scoop provides 24 grams of whole protein derived entirely from whey.

There's no low end proteins, no malto or other fillers, and no inexpensive aminos to exaggerate the protein total (amino spiking).

And wait till you taste it. Body Energy Club Whey has a rich, creamy flavour that puts most other proteins to shame. It's also fully instantized. Just shake and enjoy.

Suggested Use

For rich and creamy high protein shake mix 1 scoop (31g) into 250ml of water, milk or juice. Body Energy Whey can be enjoyed any time of the day including before or after exercise.

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Body Energy Club | Whey Protein Blend 2.27kg has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 6 reviews.