B LXR Brain Fuel With Royal Jelly
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Biohacking with Bees!

B.LXR Brain Fuel is a powerful nootropic formula containing natural compounds to help enhance memory, performance, and cognition.


  • Memory & Focus
  • Adaptogen
  • Concentration
  • Fight Brain Fog
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Energy Support
  • Productivity Hack
  • Antioxidants

Whether you have an exam, presentation, sporting event, work project, or just want to feel awake without caffeine, B.LXR is a powerful combination of superfoods to help you thrive! B.LXR comes in the form of a shot to invigorate and nourish your brain and support your executive functions so that you can turn your productivity up to the max. Our innovative natural formulation is ideal for high performers looking to optimize their minds, while supporting their bodies with plant based adaptogens and superfoods!

Royal jelly, bacopa monnieri plant extract, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, non-GMO vegetable glycerin, and purified water.

Contains no: artificial preservatives, colors, refined sugar, gluten, wheat, yeast, corn, soya, dairy, or egg.

Certified paleo, gluten free, and caffeine free.

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