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Roughage™ contains 38 all natural whole food powders in every serving.


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The Green Standard

Save yourself the hassle of managing your micronutrients. Roughage™ has 38 all natural whole foods in every serving. Try getting that from a grocery store.

If You’re Not Eating 8 Full Servings A Day, You’re Not Eating Enough.

Save yourself the hassle of managing your micronutrients. Roughage™ has 38 all natural whole foods in every serving.

Roughage™ Makes It Easy.

Fruits and vegetables provide vital nutrients in amounts unmatched by other food groups. These nutrients play a crucial role in your diet, but the benefits don’t stop there.

Studies show that men lacking the vital nutrients found in fruits and vegetables experience mental and physical fatigue, higher levels of body fat, and impaired muscle growth.

Roughage™ Is Your 24/7 Professional Support Team.

There’s a good reason why professional actors and athletes have entire teams of nutritionists, dieticians, and personal chefs working for them around the clock. Maintaining a diet with the right amount of fruit and vegetables is incredibly hard.

The sad fact is that without the right amount of daily fruit and vegetables, there isn’t much difference between a dirty diet full of junk food and frozen dinners, and a clean diet full of chicken breast and wild rice.

You’re Being Robbed Of Your Fiber By Hundreds Of Foods.

The FDA recommends at least 28 grams of fiber in a 2000 calorie diet. You might think you’re getting that - but there’s a good chance you’re wrong and here’s why…

A high number of items in the American food supply have had their fiber removed. Removing the fiber from foods prolongs its shelf life and makes it easier to flash freeze.

Roughage™ Has All Your Fiber Interests At Heart.

Take a look at the packaged food labels next time you’re strolling the inside aisles of your grocery store. You’ll see they’re notoriously low in fiber and now you know why.

Lucky for you, there’s no need to worry. Two servings of Roughage™ contains 10 grams of added fiber to help you hit your daily goals without wasting money on fresh vegetables that spoil before you get a chance to finish them.

Let’s Be Honest. We’re Not Eating Nearly As Many Vegetables As We Should Be.

If you’re not eating 8 full servings of fruit and vegetables a day - you’re not eating enough. But who can blame you? 8 servings requires a huge amount of time, energy, and money.

Produce Is Unfairly Expensive

Since 1978, no food group has increased in price more than fresh fruit and vegetables. When a couple fresh veggies can break the budget, it’s no wonder people are skipping out on produce.

It Spoils Before You Can Even Eat it

If you’re lucky, expensive produce will last you a week. Cheap stuff will spoil in days. Calculating exactly how much to buy and when to buy it so you don’t waste your money is a nightmare.

It’s So Hard To Get The Right Amounts

The real problem is that 56 weekly servings of fruit and vegetables is an enormous amount of food that costs a ton of money. And when you finally get it home, you still have to store and prepare it.

Who Has Time For 56 Servings A Week?

A lot of guys tend to associate a failed diet with overeating, but it’s often the other way around. If you’re undereating, you’re probably neglecting important fruits and vegetables first.

But who can blame you? Balancing macros is a challenge in itself. No wonder finding the time and energy to eat 56 servings of produce a week feels like an impossibility.

Yes, There Are Hundreds Of Others. But Only Roughage™ Is The Greens For Guys.

There’s no shortage of greens to choose from. The truth is, you could walk into your local supplement shop and grab any old product off the shelf. And any old product is exactly what you’d be getting. It’s no secret the market is overflowing with greens products. But now that you know more than most about choosing the one that’s right for you, just imagine this…

Roughage™ Is 38 All Natural Whole Foods In Every Serving.

Roughage™ contains 38 all natural whole food powders in every serving. We know of no other supplement available with a higher number of whole foods. But it’s not just the number of fruits and vegetables in Roughage™ that sets it apart - it’s the variety.


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