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Pump. Power. Kick.

A science-backed, pre-workout formula that helps increase muscle pumps, strength, lean muscle and energy.

Every Great Workout Starts With P.P.K.™

P.P.K.™ has scientifically-backed ingredients chosen specifically for their pump, power, and kick qualities. It’s designed for those who want more from their workout. Consume just one serving of thirst-quenching P.P.K.™ 30 minutes before your next training session and you’ll experience a workout that goes from good - to great.

Works After A Single Scoop

A published study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research supports that a single dose of the key ingredient in P.P.K.™ improves performance and physiological response during resistance exercise.


Our scientists like to talk about developing the perfect pre-workout. Cleaner. Faster. Stronger. One that delivers incredible performance, while still being refreshingly delicious and suitable for regular use. Our 4th generation of our pre-workout formula P.P.K.™ continues forward with this philosophy.

Better By Design®

  • 54% Increase in Blood Flow
  • 147% Increase in Total Strength Over Training Alone
  • 30% Increase in Power Over Placebo

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