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Not Cheap. Never Will Be.™

This is Iso-Smooth™. The past, present, and future of protein.

91% Protein.

No Other Supplement Has More.

If you’re comparing numbers, Iso-Smooth™ isn’t just good,

it’s categorically elite. Its astonishing protein content of 91% is among the highest of any protein supplement ever made and its leucine, BCAA, and essential amino acid proportions are high enough to have it included in the conversation of purest proteins available today.

The Jury Is In.
Protein Supplementation Works.

Thanks to decades of scientific research, it’s universally accepted that protein supplementation has real, significant, and meaningful positive effects on muscle mass, muscle strength, and muscle quality in people of all ages.

What If Enough Isn’t Enough?

In North America, the reference daily intake (RDI) of protein is just under half a gram for every pound of bodyweight. However, a high number of academic experts in protein metabolism strongly recommend consuming as much as twice that amount to maintain muscle size, and as much as three times that amount to maximize weightlifting-induced muscle growth.

Not All Proteins Are Created Equal.

In terms of muscle growth, scientific research has clearly identified that whey protein is superior to soy, casein, egg, and vegan protein when measuring absorption, delivery, and stimulation. Simply put, whey protein is the single most effective muscle-building protein.

All Whey. Always. 100% of the protein in Iso-Smooth™ is whey protein. Zero fillers. Zero substitutes. Zero exceptions.

Isolate Vs Concentrate And Why It Matters.

A study by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism discovered that average testosterone levels in American men have been substantially decreasing since 1988. More troubling still is that the reasons for this decline are unclear. You see, low testosterone levels aren’t your fault. No matter how well you eat or how hard you workout, you still need a little extra help.

And The Taste Is Out Of This World.

“Unbelievable”, “outstanding”, and “extraordinary” aren’t words that are usually used to describe a protein supplement, especially one as pure as Iso-Smooth™. But then again, Iso-Smooth™ is no ordinary protein. With over 25 years of combined experience, it’s safe to say the Blue Star Nutraceuticals R&D team knows a thing or two about making great flavors. That’s why the brand Iso-Smooth™ flavors aren’t just good – they’re “unbelievable”, “outstanding”, “extraordinary”, and now, award-winning.

It’s All In A Single Serving.

The Purest Protein On The Market.

That’s not just a claim, it’s a fact. The whey protein isolate in Iso-Smooth™ comes from biPro®, a trademarked whey protein isolate with an astonishing purity of 97.6%. Make no mistake, this is the single purest protein commercially available in the world today and one of only a handful that can scientifically claim to be free of sugar, lactose, cholesterol, and fat.

In most cases, fitting 30 grams of pure protein into a single serving would require drastically increasing the serving size. But not with Iso-Smooth™. The biPro® whey protein isolate in Iso-Smooth™ is so pure that you get everything you need in one, delicious, high-protein, low-calorie serving.

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