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Test-HP?ÌÎÌ__ works through multiple pathways to aid in the maintenance oftestosterone levels and muscle mass using ingredients that have vitalityincreAsiang, anti-catabolic and stress hormone health propertie.Testofen (a fenugreek extract that is standardized for Fenuside?ÌÎÌ__) is associated withboosting vigor and vitality in males as well as promoting a maintenance inmuscle mas.
Test-HP?ÌÎÌ__also features ingredients like Rhodiola Rosea which is considered an adayptogen for aiding your bodys ability to cope with stress and related stress hormones (like cortisol. Ingredients in Test-HPTM have also been associated with healthy estrogen levels as wel. Estrogen is typically associated with poor performance and excess body fa.

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