Bach Rescue Night Spray


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When sleeplessness is triggered by repetitive thoughts and stress, two quick sprays to your tongue help calm and quiet your mind, enabling you to sleep naturaly and wake refreshe. Rescue Sleep is non-narcotic, non-habit forming, and safe for the whole family. Based on the philosophies Dr Edward Bach created over 70 years ago, Rescue Sleep is the newest addition to his original 38 natural remedie. It harnesses the stress relieving powers of Dr Bach's original Rescue Remedy, and the mind calming properties of the White Chestnut essenc.
Here are some additional tips to help get to sleep:
Avoid napping during the day
Stick to morning exercise routines
Try a deep breathing, relaxing exercise
Avoid both caffeine and alcohol before bed time
Keep a regular sleep schedule
Go to bed when you are tired
Please note that there can be several reasons for insomniaa and sleeplessness that Rescue Sleep does not addres. To make sure that you select the correct product please read about each of the Remedies in the product. If they seem to be right you can use it, but other remedies might be needed, such as and not limited to; Vervain, Red Chestnut, Mimulu.

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