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mTOR Ultra was designed for muscle protein synthesis (MPS) by appealing to all 4 criteria for new muscle production – 1. Anabolic signal (mTOR), 2. Presence of all EAAs, 3. Presence of arginine, 4. Maintaining a positive nitrogen balance!

Your body needs ALL the essential amino acids (EAAs) as well as arginine to produce new muscle, so we included high doses of each! Leucine (also present in high amounts in Rocket and Havok-137) ignites muscle growth while the EAAs and arginine complete the process. Beyond that, you need to be in a positive nitrogen balance and keep the amino acids in a useable form. Enter AKG. AKG helps keep you in a positive nitrogen balance and keeps amino acids in a useable form, extending the anabolic window. Talk about a complete formula! Even outside of MPS, all the EAAs are ESSENTIAL, meaning you NEED to consume them for a dietary or supplementary source.

This is the ideal supplement for vegan and vegetarian users as vegan protein sources tend to be lower in EAAs than animal proteins and we use only fermented vegan amino acids. See below for the benefits of each ingredient individually.

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