Anabar | Whole Food Performance Bar | White Chocolate Cinnamon Swirl Crunch
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Each box contains 12 bars.

This bar takes all that Saturday Morning Nostalgia & crams it into a High Protein Snack!! Real Cinnamon Cereal pieces & a smooth white chocolate coating bring your favorite bowl of cereal to life without any of the guilt!

Real Peanut Butter

We use Real Peanut Butter in our bars to create the smooth texture & rich, melt in your mouth flavor!

Real Cereal Pieces

We use real Cinnamon Cereal pieces in our bars to ensure every bite feels like a guilty pleasure!

White Chocolate

We use 100% Authentic White Chocolate as a coating to enhance the flavors & create a truly memorable experience with every bar!


The Anabar was designed to be the BEST TASTING protein bar you've ever had without sacrificing on Protein or causing digestive issues due to sugar alcohols & excess fiber. These are perfect for a dessert-like snack or to use as a meal replacement! We can officially say goodbye to taffy-like protein bars & the chemical aftertaste that goes along with them! Once you go Anabar, you'll never go back!

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