COVID-19 began its spread around the globe and has affected thousands of people. We have remained open during these challenging times and our role has not changed: serving our communities safely during this time is critical. We care about our team members, customers, business suppliers and products and have adapted to the new reality by taking additional measures in real-time. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and post updates here about the measures Body Energy Club is taking.


How we are serving our customers:

  • Sanitizing stations at the store entrances, registers, and pick-up stations
  • Assigned special door zones to manage the flow of customers
  • Leave the front door open to keep the fresh air circulating
  • Placed a limit on the number of customers inside the store at once (3-4 max)
  • Installed 6 ft. space awareness tape throughout the stores
  • Added new splash guards
  • Added FREE next day contactless delivery service to reduce in-store traffic
  • Enhanced marketing promotions to order via BEC online application to reduce in-store contact and more toward cashless transactions

How we are caring for our employees:

  • Providing masks to all employees
  • Mandated all non-essential staff to work from home
  • Operating under social distancing guidelines in our stores and warehouse ensuring that interaction among and between team members and customers can happen at a safe distance
  • Implemented enhanced daily cleanliness and sanitation protocols across all stores and facilities, on top of our standard stringent protocols
  • Created a COVID-19 Employee Safety and Procedure Manual* (based on governmental and local authorities guidelines) that outlines critical internal safety measures and mitigation action plans with store employees, administration staff, delivery staff, vendors/suppliers. These guidelines include mask protocol, frequent hand washing, sanitizing, social distancing, enhanced cleanliness protocols, sharing equipment, etc.
  • We encourage our employees to work as a team and look after one another so that actions outside the workplace do not affect our entire team, especially during the early phases of reopening.

* Each BEC employee received the Employee Safety Manual and was instructed to read and sign it to acknowledge the new measures put in place. This manual has also been printed and put in a binder in each one of our store. It is also updated real-time with the current health government measures and procedures and employees are receiving emails to advise of the most recent updates.

How we are adjusting our operations in our stores and warehouse:

  • Requested all third party vendors to submit their COVID-19 mitigation action plans and reviewed them to ensure they are increasing standards in both production and delivery.
  • All food and product sampling and demos have been suspended.
  • Limits on quantities of essential items remain in place for the time being.
  • Enhanced safety and sanitization practices
  • Closing stores earlier to give our cleaning crew a chance to restock shelves, sanitize our stores and rest in preparation for the next day.
  • Removed all seating areas inside and outside
  • Removed the “bring your own cup” initiative
  • Removed the “bring your own bag” initiative
  • Suspended all vendors or product reps access to the stores and warehouse