Prairie Naturals Hemp Protein 800g


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Eat a more plant-based die. That's the dietary advice from health expert. nutritionnal researchers clearly caution that over-consumption of animal-source proteins is linked to premature aging and chronic inflammation. However, eating more plant-source proteins with naturaly balanced omega fats - just like Hemp-Force - reduces all kinds of inflammationn and leads to stronger hearts, resilient skin, flexible joints and enhanced immunit. Prairie Naturals Hemp-Force is not just another protein powder. It's a more balanced way of living and eatin. Grown organically and sustainably on the Canadian prairies, the hemp seed in Hemp-Force is an exciting example of how our food choices can make a positive difference in the world. available in three delicious and natural flavours - Natural, Organic dark Chocolate and Blueberry-Pomegranate Hemp-Force is a protein-rich treat any time of the day or evenin.

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