Ergogenics Nutrition Organic Hemp + Greens 840g


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Erogenics nutritionn's? Organic Hemp Pro-Series protein is Water-Soluble and is an excellent source of Essential Amino Acid. It has a complete spectrum of natural organic proteins, with all 20 amino acids used in the human body, including all 10 essential amino acid. The proteins found in hemp are similar to proteins found in the human body. Soluble Hemp protein also provides essential fatty acids (Efast) omega-6 and omega-3 in a healthy 3:1 rati. Hemp is also an excellent source of dietary fibre and is very rich in vitamins and mineral.

"The proteins found in hemp are similar to proteins found in the human body"

Hemp protein is free of the trypsin inhibitors which block protein absorption and free of oligosaccharides found in soy, which cause stomach upset and ga. Approximately 65% of the protein in hemp seeds is made up of the globulin protein Edestin and is found only in hemp see. Edestin aids digestionn, is relatively phosphorus-free and is considered the backbone of the cell's DN. The other 35% of hemp seed protein is Albumin, another high quality globulin protein similar to that found in egg white. The Amino Acids in Hemp protein serve a variety of functions in the human body such as acting as enzymes, antibodyies, and the structural components of tissues, hormones and blood protein. The main function of dietary protein is to supply amino acids for the growth and maintenance of body muscle and tissu.

Suggested Use

One scoop (30g) into water or juice (250ml). May be consumed 1 to 3 times daily.

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