Body Energy Club Clean Vegan 2KG
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Like all Body Energy Products, Clean Vegan was specifically designed for the most ingredient conscious individual. It features a blend of four Non-GMO plant-based proteins that provide an impressive 30 grams of vegan protein in every scoop.

Clean Vegan is gluten free, has no added sugars and features an all natural flavour System that is completely free of artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners and preservative. 
But the good news doesn't end there. Clean Vegan is a source of valuable dietary protein that will help build muscle and repair body tissue.

Each serving also provides over 6 grams of naturally occurring branch chain amino acid. 
Clean Vegan has a surprisingly smooth taste and texture and Easily blends into a delicious high protein smoothie or post workout shake.

Suggested Use

For a delicious, high protein shake mix 1 scoop (41g) into 250ml of rice or almond milk or the beverage of your choice. Clean Vegan can be enjoyed any time of day including before or after exercise.

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