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20 years in the making, Rick Ocean’s boutique stretch facility found in the Body Energy Club, Gastown location is developing innovative ways for Vancouverites to relax, recover, and perform at their very best. As part of our highlight series on local businesses giving back to the community, we asked him to share his approach to entrepreneurship:

Q. Why did you decide to open up Stretch Body Lab inside of Body Energy Club? 

A. For me, it was a no brainer. Overall health and wellness needs to be addressed both inside and out. Body Energy Club and Stretch Body Lab work synergistically, offering a holistic health hub in Gastown for the community.

Q. How did the concept for Stretch Body Lab come about?

A. After 20 years in the health and fitness industry, and a lifetime of athletic participation, I noticed the disconnect between conventional health, wellness therapies, and contemporary retail convenience.

Q. Why stretch?

A. The only thing better than stretching, is having someone else do it for you! For myself, I was finding that after training 5 days a week and then attempting to incorporate something like yoga on top of this regime, was simply too taxing on my body. Combine that with the fact that most yin classes, which I would prefer to do, are generally scheduled on ‘off hours’. This with the fact that our Strain-Counter-Strain style is the only scientifically proven method to increase overall performance and recovery.

Q. What does Stretch offer to the health and wellness community?

A. Stretch offers the retail walk-in convenience and customer service like buying a smoothie for our sessions. This is available without the hassle of having to book months in advance like our RMT/Chiropractic counterparts.

Q.​ ​What’s the biggest misconception about stretching you want people to know about?

A. That quick ‘cool down’ stretching provides the same short term recovery and long term benefits that our services provide.

Q. What has been your greatest accomplishment as a business and why?

A. Seeing the immediate impact we have had on our customers, not only in their daily lives, but also in athletic competition.

Q. What would you say the mission statement of Stretch Body Lab is?

A: To improve the quality of life and functional performance of our community.

Q. What’s your best piece of advice for local entrepreneurs and first time business owners?
A. Do what you love and trust your gut instinct.

Q. Do you have a favourite Body Energy Club product? What do you love about it?

A. Body Energy Club HMB 1000 - Much like Stretch Body Lab it is one of the most scientifically proven sport supplements to help improve performance and aid in muscle recovery!

Q. What do you love about Body Energy Club?

A. Body Energy Club has been a major part of my life aligning itself with my daily routine and passion for an active lifestyle. It is the perfect combination of a health retail and food/beverage service, a one stop shop for all your health needs. It hosts a vibrant atmosphere that welcomes all members of the Vancouver community.

Q. What is the benefit of booking a stretch session in relation to Body Energy Club?

A. Being located inside the Body Energy Club in Gastown, it is now even more convenient to achieve all of your pre/post workout and healthy lifestyle needs.

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