Why Massage Therapy Is An Important Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

With registered massage therapy clinics now more accessible than ever before, regular RMT treatments can enhance the quality of your life ten fold. Apart from helping you discover that self-care, including massage, can prove to be an asset to your life, the right therapists can guide you on exactly how you can make the best use of self-care services for better health and growth.

 While the motivation to pursue an active lifestyle is definitely something that your therapist can bring to the table, they can also educate you about the holistic benefits of physical self-care.

 Massages are now also considered preventative medicine, similar to taking doctor's appointments.

 Booking yourself in with an experienced and passionate massage therapist and you will see a myriad of benefits, let’s breakdown some examples:

Relief from chronic illness

Daily massages have now become an essential part of medical therapy for chronic diseases such as arthritis, cancer, and fibromyalgia. Not only can joint pain affect your daily performance, but it also takes a toll on your mental health.

Any massage that includes applying moderate pressure to your joints can increase the blood flow and boost circulation in that area. This, in return, can aid in increasing your body's flexibility and help you with any mobility restrictions.

In addition to that, those who suffer from chronic conditions can also experience a boost in their serotonin level through daily massages. This hormone naturally reduces pain in the body, and hence makes it easier for you to have a smooth, pain free day.

Stress reduction

Stress relief is a multi-million dollar market for adults and for good reason! From medication to stress management books, we’ve all tried to find some type of assistance when it comes to controlling our levels of stress.

Chronic stress can eventually lead to health conditions such as blood pressure, heart palpitations, and so on. However, with regular massages, many clients have seen an improvement in their current health-care routine.

In fact, there also exists various large-scale studies that measured the presence of cortisol, a stress hormone, in the blood. It is produced by your body when you are in a fight or flight mode, and can lead to various negative responses, from mood swings to lethargy.

Nevertheless, a dramatic decrease in cortisol levels has consistently been noted in such research cases where patients have started receiving scheduled massages. Relaxation massages use a variety of modalities including swedish massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and more.

Management of depression

Depression, anxiety, and procrastination are often linked to chronic conditions such as muscle tension. These mood swings that are triggered by physical restrictions can progress to depressive symptoms.

Solely relying on massage therapy is not recommended; however, making this a part of your mental health care can boost your progress towards tackling the symptoms of depression regardless of the cause.

With a therapeutic relaxation massage, your body enters a prime 'relaxation state.' This is when hormones responsible for relaxation of the body and mind are activated. Once this response is achieved, your mind can cope with mood disorders such as depression in a healthy manner.

In addition to that, this age-old technique also helps alleviate insomnia, which is a common symptom among depressive disorders. Experiencing a good night's sleep is often a key factor for improving your mood, thoughts, and energy levels.

A strong immune system

Scientists have now started to find data supporting the various health benefits of regular massage therapy. One such positive reaction is the boost in a person's immune system.

As mentioned previously, the presence of cortisol in the bloodstream can be damaging to both your mental and physical health.

One of the side effects of excessive cortisol in the human body is that it destroys the 'natural killer cells' responsible for keeping your immunity up.

This is where massage therapy works in your favor.

With effective massage therapy treatments you can stimulate the production of natural killer cells and boost your immunity. Even cancer patients who have severely compromised immune systems are recommended massage as an element of their health care routine to improve their health.

Fast recovery from injury

It will be unrealistic to expect massage therapy to magically heal injuries. However, researchers have noted that getting a massage can aid your body in the process of recovery. When your body is exposed to soothing stimulation on the outside, it works its way in.

As you read earlier, a massage can largely improve the circulation of blood in your body, and when this process occurs, your tears,strains and inflammation are likely to get ample exposure to vital nutrients and oxygen, just like the rest of your body.

This efficient distribution of chemicals inside you repairs the tissues faster and works as a catalyst for your recovery.

When it comes to personal wellness and healing, massage therapy can easily be considered one of the best and safest ways of bringing positive changes to the overall quality of your life.

With the right kind of registered massage therapy by certified professionals, you can tap into the vast potential that your body holds and start the ascent towards a healthy life.

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November 13, 2020

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