Meet Patrick and Jamie, the co-founders of MASC Skincare & Grooming in Vancouver.  Since 2007, MASC has become a beloved staple on Davie Street, not just for the quality of the ethical products they bring to the community, but for the genuine care and sound advice they are able to offer to each and every one of their customers. We asked them to share their approach to entrepreneurship over a couple of signature Body Energy Club smoothies:

Q. How did MASC get started?

A. Back in the early 2000s, we recognized an opportunity to take the market of men’s grooming and skincare to another level. An assortment of quality products in an environment catering to men with a focus on customer service and relationships was lacking. In 2007, after sitting on a business plan for a couple years, the stars aligned and allowed us to bring our vision to life through our retail location on Davie, and online shortly thereafter.

Q. What makes MASC so much more than another retail store? What is your mission in the community?

A. Firstly, the products are handpicked by us because we believe in them - it is a curated selection of the best brands on the market. Our brands are from all over the world and cover a wide range of categories including skincare, shaving, beard care, hair care & styling, fragrances, and much more. Secondly, our focus is on helping customers find the best products to meet their needs rather than “selling” to them. By educating customers about the best products to match their needs, we are able to help them improve their confidence in their own routines and in their daily lives - and this is the most rewarding aspects of our business.

Q. What's your vision for MASC?

A. We wish to maintain our role as leaders in the men’s skincare and grooming industry.

Q. What was your biggest accomplishment as a business? Is there a moment that stands out to you?

A. In 2011 we appeared on Dragon’s Den and turned down two offers to buy into the company. We are proud to have grown MASC to the level that it is today without having to give up a piece of the business to do so. Additionally, we are proud to have been open for 12 years. The retail industry is tough to survive in and we have persevered through many changes and challenges over the years.  

Q. What was your biggest "failure"? How did you overcome it?

A. We are fortunate to have not had any major setbacks, but in retrospect we could’ve taken greater risks from the onset to grow the business faster.  

Q. What's your biggest piece of advice for other local businesses and entrepreneurs in Vancouver?

A. Be prepared to make big sacrifices in the beginning if you want the business to succeed. Most importantly, never forget that without your customers the business would not exist.

Q. What's your relationship with Body Energy Club?

A. We have both been customers at BEC since moving to Vancouver in 2002. We share a lot of customers; both of our businesses are focused on providing products that make our customers lives better.

Q. Do you have a favourite Body Energy Club smoothie you would recommend?
A. We both love the Vegan Coconut Bliss! Although there are many delicious flavours, we love the Coconut Bliss because it’s a great summer drink - refreshing and sweet, but not overly sweet. Great fuel for your body and a vacation for your senses.

June 16, 2019

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