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Meet Rowan Minnion, Founder and CEO of Blonyx Biosciences Inc: a former research scientist, and expert in exercise physiology, supplementation, and performance, and part of the Body Energy Club family for over 7 years. Rowan is now pioneering the first ever Egg White Protein Isolate on the market. As part of our Local Business Highlight series, we sat down with him for a Q&A on all things Blonyx, fitness, and the key to successful entrepreneurship with one of our signature Body Energy Club smoothies in hand: 

Q. What inspired you to start Blonyx Biosciences?

A: I was an athlete at college - a collegiate soccer player. I played in Scotland and moved out to the U.S. when I got a placement with a research group studying dietary and sports supplements. I was doing research into supplements and regulation work. It was unreal how many big brands were missing the mark on their label claims. There would be very little of the ingredient that they said was in their supplements, sometimes not at all. I was so disillusioned with the industry, but I saw real value in our research. I wanted to start a company that is product focused. A product company that offers supplements but does the right thing by athletes. Our entire mission as a company is about building trust with our customers. I’m a massive believer that if you get the trust from the people you sell to, you have to do the right thing by them. I wanted to create a supplement brand that I would buy from - that has that trust. 


Q: What are the biggest challenges you face when bringing a new product to market?

A: The protein market is the most saturated market out there and we’re taking a big risk in terms of going into a market like that. I think it’ll be difficult and cost intensive. We weren’t initially going to do it - but we found the technology behind the product to be so good, that we couldn’t ignore it. The way we plan to penetrate is to focus our efforts on the local Vancouver market, even though we have global brand reach. Start local, learn, then slowly spread. This is one reason we have a great relationship with Body Energy Club. 

Q: Why is the release of the new Egg- White Isolate Protein a particularly exciting venture for Blonyx? 

A: Ultimately, the reason we brought this Egg-White Protein Isolate out is that we saw a market shift that was going against the grain. There is a shift now for consumers to look for simpler, cleaner foods, less ingredients, and back to basics eating. The filtration technology we use hardly alters the egg-whites. It takes the sulphur out, so the eggy taste is removed and it’s so low processed that to flavour it you need very few ingredients. We only use 7 ingredients total, which is almost unheard of in the protein market. On top of that, there are a lot of allergens in other protein products. They can also be really tough on the stomach. With our egg-white protein, if you don’t have any issues eating egg-whites you won’t have any issues taking it.  

Q: What advice do you have for local entrepreneurs? 

A: No company is one person, one brain, or even one idea. People are what make every company - it’s called a company because it’s a company of individuals. You can only succeed by having the best individuals around you who really believe in your vision and want to carry it forward as well as you do. It will break you as well if you don’t have the right people. The first thing I recommend to anybody who wants to start a business is to not keep it to themselves. Share it with people and then latch onto people around them that really believe in them and want to take that leap with them. Also, live your company, especially within the fitness industry. You will get the best insight from your customers. You will continually be able to adapt your organization if you live and breathe what you’re selling. I use my products and I believe in them whole-heartedly. That is what makes the difference. 

Q: What’s been your experience working with Body Energy Club over the last 8 years?

A: We like to work with Body Energy Club because they have a real, holistic, healthy individual, and healthy athlete attitude.They’ve done a similar thing to what we do but in the supplement market. I feel like the products that they have and also the services they offer - things like the smoothies - they want to help people live a healthy life as opposed to offering false promises. They provide supplements, which are a big part of it, but they also provide general nutrition assistance. 

 Q: What’s your go-to Body Energy Club product?

A: I love the Body Energy Club Trail Mixes. All of us at Blonyx train throughout the day, and I need my energy levels to be ready when I train at lunch or after work. A mouthful of raw ingredients is the best way to go!

Fun Fact! At Body Energy Club we carry two varieties of our raw and unsalted grab-and-go Trail Mix. Pick your favourite in-stores today and fuel like Rowan!


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September 05, 2019

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