Cold-Pressed Juice

What is Cold Pressed Juice?

We use a large hydraulic press juicer to extract all the juice from the pulp of the raw fruits and vegetables. By using a large amount of pressure instead of a heated blade, the juice will not oxidize and will keep more of the vitamins, enzymes and nutrients. This is why we switched from fresh juices using a centrifugal blade to cold press juices.

Cold pressing allows the juice to have a shelf life of three to five days, although we only shelve ours for three and recommend they stay refrigerated. We use different combinations of fruit and vegetables to make the juices taste incredible, and do not add any preservatives.

Cold press juices are clean, but this means that you lose the fiber from the fruits and vegetables. Drinking juice is not an exact replacement for your greens but will help you reach your required daily greens. The juice will also boost your immune system, keep your blood healthy and give you energy.

Our two signature blends, the Liver Cleanse and Super Greens feature five or more ingredient to give your body a well rounded health kick. While our other blends – Immune Support, Cold Kicker, Anti-Ager, Body Energizer, Greens Detox, Stomach Soother, Vitamin C and Digest Aid – target more specific areas.

We have 11 raw, organic, cold press blends to try that are delivered daily to each of our four stores. Stop in to Davie, Cambie, Robson or Kits to sample or grab a cold press juice!

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August 18, 2016

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