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Over the years the media and other sources have been spreading misleading information and distorting the facts, which has created a fear of salts amongst the population. Natural sea salts are entirely different from your ordinary store-bought refined table salt. Regular table salt is highly processed and all nutrients have been removed during this procedure, whereas natural sea salts contain a concentrated number of essential trace minerals. + Read more >

Our body requires salt to maintain a healthy electrolyte balance to function properly. Electrolytes are especially important for those who lead an active lifestyle and it is critical to replenish them throughout the day. However we don’t need regular table salt because it is only “dead” food and doesn’t provide any nutrients. Table salt is quite “unhealthy” and may increase your risk of hypertension and high blood pressure. Natural sea salts on the other hand are a source of essential nutrients and help to improve digestion by improving hydrochloric acid (stomach acid) production. Having the right proportions of chlorine is needed to produce hydrochloric acid. Chlorine and other minerals are naturally occurring in natural seas salts and are readily available in the right ratio. Improving your digestion helps to assimilate nutrients subsequently enhancing your mental and physical performance and overall health. If you want to feel better and work harder visit our selection of 100% natural sea salts at Body Energy Club online vitamin, supplement and nutrition store. Before starting any new supplements it is important to check with your doctor to make sure they are right for you, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medications.

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