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Nutritional Bars

Nutritional bars supplements are a meal compacted in a supplemental bar for those who need a convenient snack or meal on the go. They provide a handy snack for people who don’t have time to enjoy a meal. Nutritional bars supplements are also a good snack for anyone participating in a lengthy intense workout session. They help to sustain energy and improve performance. + Read more >

Nutritional bars supplements easily fit in small spaces and are excellent for traveling. Nutritional bars supplements lend diverse amounts of macro and micro nutrients. Some bars may have been fortified with vitamins and minerals to increase their nutritional value. Nutritional bars supplements are not a substitute for a healthy balanced diet. Eating a balanced whole food diet, exercising regularly, getting sufficient sleep and coping with stress are still important. “No need to go hungry” simply reach for a nutritional bars supplement to satisfy your hunger. Body Energy Club carries a vast selection of nutritional bars supplements in a variety of flavours. Before starting any new supplements it is important to check with your doctor to make sure they are right for you, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medications.

  • Organic Food Nutritional Bar Active Greens

    Organic Food Nutritional Bar Active Greens

    Al Gore would be proud of this bar. Like all of our bars, Active Greens is good for the environment (sustainably produced) and it’s great for you (totally organic). 4000mg of our exclusive green superfood blend including certified organic Spirulina, wheat and barley grass juice powder (gluten-free), blueberry and raspberry! The Active Greens Bar™ is one of our most nutritionally robust formulas and it doesn’t sacrifice one bit on taste. The Active Greens Bar™ is optimal energy food for those of you who want to add more wholesome, sumptuous organic fruits and vegetables to your diet. Al thanks you.


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  • Organic Food Nutritional Bar Chocolate Chip

    Organic Food Nutritional Bar Chocolate Chip

    Legend has it that Albert Einstein was eating chocolate when he came upon the theory of relativity. While chocolate may be good for the mind, we know it’s good for the body. In fact, dark chocolate is one of the most potent antioxidants in nature, with a very high ORAC factor (“Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity” is a fancy term for how much a food protects you against free radical damage). ORGANIC FOOD BAR Chocolate Chip™ has the same formula as our Vegan™ Bar, with the added taste and nutritional power of organic, non-dairy, dark chocolate chips. While eating our ORGANIC FOOD BAR Chocolate Chip™ may not lead to historic discoveries, it will lead to a healthier body and a better mindset!


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  • Organic Food Nutritional Bar Original

    Organic Food Nutritional Bar Original

    Organic honey provides healthy energy and nourishing fats for extended endurance to meet the demands of your active life – and your athletic prowess! Our Original ORGANIC FOOD BAR™ includes plenty of easy to digest, alkaline-forming organic brown rice protein for enhanced tissue repair. Two grams of phytonutrient rich flax and quinoa sprouts provide the extra boost you need to excel in exercise, sport — and life.


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  • Organic Food Nutritional Bar Vegan

    Organic Food Nutritional Bar Vegan

    Our amazingly delicious Vegan Bars™ contain certified organic premium Agave nectar which has a lower glycemic index than other sugars. That means a stronger, steadier energy boost all day long, without the “crash” you might experience from other bars with refined sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup or rice syrup. Our Vegan™ bars have the same healthy fats, protein and phytonutrient-rich sprouts as our Original™ version. Vegan: good for body, mind and soul.


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  • Vega Maca Chocolate Bar

    Vega Maca Chocolate Bar

    Succumb to your chocolate craving, apology-free. Indulgent and silky, each deliciously decadent bar of Vega Maca chocolate combines 4,000mg of premium organic gelatinized maca—renowned for its ability to balance, invigorate and energize—with 70% cocoa dark chocolate. Ancient, native Peruvians used maca for thousands of years as both a food and a tonic. They believed maca increased energy and stamina, improved fertility and enhanced libido. Blending the benefits of maca with the power of rich, organic dark chocolate is sure to arouse the desire of even the most health-conscious taste buds. Vega Maca is organically grown in partnership with Peruvian farmers.


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