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I came in yesterday curious to see what selections of vegan protein powders you had. I was helped by one of your staff almost immediately, & he was so helpful! I appreciated how genuine he was! And of course got a smoothie while I was there! Your store carries good quality products & you have such great staff! I recommend your store to my clients & friends frequently. Thank you!:)

Krista Moyer

Your pricing is fabulous. I just called a place in town and they are charging $20 more for the same thing you offer with free shipping. Glad I found you

Lee Marlene Pryke

I have been dealing with Body Energy Club for a couple of years and just want to say that their service, prices and product line are great. I would highly recommend them.

Wanda DeMont

Just wanted to say, after exploring around, you guys are easily the best supp shop in Vancouver when it comes to selection, price, and customer service. You also obviously realize just how amazingly delicious Myofusion is and that alone proves y'all know your stuff :p I look forward to being a repeat customer.

David Gunn

This is one of the best supplement places that is located in Vancouver. free shipping on any purchase. So if you are looking for herbs or supplements. this is the first place to look. It doesn't take long for them to ship. Within a few days (3) you receive your product. They also have a rewards points for your purchases. They are also very good at rectifying any problems that you may encounter while shopping with them.

Doug Allan

Body Energy Club has good quality products at reasonable prices! Awesome smoothies as well.

Andrew Truong

I received my order today in excellent condition. THANKS!

Doug Beiers

I discovered this place a few months ago and since then I've become a semi-regular to the smoothie bar in addition to getting my protein supplements there. I've always had an exceptional customer experience! Staff are friendly, knowledgeable and down to earth, and the prices can't be beat. It's win-win!

Sara Mac

The best juicebar in Vancouver!! These guys rock!

Purica Living

I ordered some Mum's Raw Cacao on Friday afternoon from your website and I got it today, along with some free samples of some greens and a couple other things. You guys are great! Keep up the good work!

Derek Wall

There is no better in Vancouver. Staff is great, Prices are the best in town along with product.

Glenn David Loft

I enjoy shopping with you shipping hassles and customer service in store is fantastic!

Shawna D. Sanderson

LOVE you guys! Super fast, free shipping, awesome samples! Thanks!

Jennifer King

I found that I have more energy and less joint pain ever since I've been getting my supplements regularly by shopping on-line at BEC. I'm 60 years old this year and finding something that keeps me healthy is definitely a bonus!

Verna Mar

Great store!! Always thought more of a body builders store until fairly recently. Like the fresh clean look now at Davie and Cambie, with more emphasis on products such as greens, vitamins front of store...that's what drew me in...rather than MUSCLEMAXXXSTREME etc... (less intimidating). Prices are great and website is great too, love the articles! Are they all written by staff?


I want to say thank you, especially to Brendan, for getting my order to me so quickly. I believe it went out yesterday (sept 11) and I recieved it today! I really appreciate you fast service. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


PS - thank you for the freebies =)


I was so happy to find this site! Bonus too was NO shipping charges. Doesn't get any better than that. Seems there are no great deals out there anymore, but your site really impressed me! I will for sure be a return customer!

Survey participant

Hey Grayson,

It arrived --- AND you "up-sized" me
GREAT customer service !
I will be ordering again

Merry Ho Ho


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