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Appetite Control

Appetite suppressant supplements can be a useful part of a successful weight loss program. Appetite suppressant supplements can make you feel full and reduce the temptation to eat when you shouldn’t. This can be one of the most difficult things to overcome for someone on a weight loss program who is used to eating what they want, whenever they want to. Adding appetite suppressant supplements to your nutritional and exercise program + Read more >

can be the key to overcoming the obstacles in your efforts to lose weight. Because appetite suppressant supplements are designed to meet a very specific need in a weight loss program, it is important to follow the directions carefully. While you don’t want to overeat or eat at the wrong times, a successful training program is built on giving your body the fuel that it needs through a proper diet. This means making sure you are still eating the right foods and enough of them to optimize the results of your workouts. Before starting any new supplements it is important to check with your doctor to make sure they are right for you, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medications. Body Energy Club has a wide range of appetite suppressant supplements at Canada’s best online prices. Before starting any new supplements it is important to check with your doctor to make sure they are right for you, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medications.

  • Absorb Science Bio-Liposuction Weight Loss Supplements

    Absorb Science Bio-Liposuction Weight Loss Supplements

    A revolutionary super concentrated 5 in 1 formula from Absorb Science releases the power of 18 nutritional mechanisms with 2 capsules twice a day. Designed for ultimate results both in men and women.


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  • Brad King's Ultimate Starch & Fat Blocker Supplements

    Brad King's Ultimate Starch & Fat Blocker Supplements

    To truly lose excess body fat (not simply weight)-and keep it off-you're going to have to forgo diets in favour of some lifelong lifestyle changes that incorporate exercise (especially muscle-building exercise) with a sustained balance of high-quality protein, dietary fats, and low glycemic carbohydrates. In the meantime, on days that you find it too difficult to follow a healthy dietary protocol- or on designated cheat days-you can at least stop some of the excess carbohydrate (starch) and fat calories from adding to your expanding fat cell accounts by supplementing with scientifically proven starch and fat blocking nutrients.


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  • Healthy Natural Systems Green Coffee Bean Extract

    Healthy Natural Systems Green Coffee Bean Extract

    Are you frustrated with your weight loss progress – despite all your dieting and exercise efforts? Do you struggle to shed a few pounds only to see them return? Would you like more energy to get through your day and evening? If you answer “yes” to any – or all – of these questions and you’ve been looking for that something extra to help you with your weight management goals, there’s an exciting new extract you need to know about… Green Coffee Extract is one of the most exciting advances to hit the weight loss market.* And if the latest research is any indication, this may be exactly what you are looking for… Raw green coffee beans – not the roasted beans that you use to brew coffee – contain a substance called chlorogenic acids. These acids are powerful antioxidants and help promote a normal inflammatory response in your body. Chlorogenic acids also have some important properties that help support healthy body weight, body fat levels, blood sugar levels and cardiovascular function.* These acids inhibit the release of glucose in your body while they promote optimal metabolism and the burning of fat in your liver. Results of a 22-week study using Green Coffee Extract, rich in chlorogenic acids, found that subjects lost an average of 17 lbs. or 10.5% of their overall body weight and 16% of their overall body fat!* And this weight loss occurred with no significant changes in their diet over the course of the study. Plus there were no undesirable side effects. Other studies are just as exciting… They suggest a two-fold action of Green Coffee Bean extract – helps reduce your body’s storage of fat from food and promotes the burning of your existing stores of fat, two key factors of successful, long-term weight loss. Thin Tab® Green Coffee Extract combines Green Tea and Chromium with Green Coffee Bean extract to support your weight loss efforts. Green Tea contains natural catechins that have been found to help promote the burning of fat through a different mechanism than Green Coffee, thus adding another tool to help you manage your weight. Chromium helps support healthy fat and carbohydrate metabolism, plus promotes healthy blood sugar levels and helps curb unwanted cravings. HELPS SUPPORT: Weight and Fat Loss A Normal Appetite Without Unwanted Cravings Energy Levels and Alertness Cardiovascular Function Healthy Blood Pressure levels already in the normal range Healthy Blood Sugar levels already in the normal range Protection Against Damage from Free Radicals A Healthy, Normal Inflammatory Response


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  • Healthy Natural Systems Raspberry Ketone 3x Triple Strength

    Healthy Natural Systems Raspberry Ketone 3x Triple Strength

    Previously best known for their antioxidant content, raspberries have been used throughout history to promote wellness, heart health and longevity.* Now there’s a relatively new discovery about these brilliant red berries… they may help promote weight loss.* Red raspberries contain compounds called raspberry ketones – the substances that give raspberries their distinct and pleasing aroma. Research now suggests that when taken as a dietary supplement, raspberry ketones can help promote fat loss in very unique ways.* In one study, a group of laboratory mice were fed a high calorie, high fat diet supplemented with raspberry ketones. After 10 weeks, the raspberry ketone group developed less subcutaneous and abdominal fat.* Unlike other substances that promote fat and weight loss via a single pathway, raspberry ketones act in multiple ways.* Just some of the ways raspberry ketones promote fat loss include… supporting the release of fat from your body’s fat stores…* promoting calorie and fat burning…* and inhibiting the absorption and accumulation of fat.* Several hormones produced by your fat cells control the storage and burning of fat. One of these hormones, adiponectin, acts as a “good” hormone in regulating fat in your body. In addition to supporting your body’s ability to burn fat, adiponectin promotes healthy normal levels of glucose or blood sugar and triglycerides, and supports insulin sensitivity.* When you have more fat tissue, you have less adiponectin, partly because larger fat cells naturally produce less. And lower levels of adiponectin appear to be related to greater amounts of belly fat. Although still in its early stages, research suggests raspberry ketones may have a positive impact on adiponectin levels, too.* Raspberry Ketone 3X combines raspberry ketones with Chromium polynicotinate, an important mineral that helps your body metabolize fat and carbohydrates, while supporting healthy glucose and blood sugar levels already in the normal range.* So rich in raspberry ketones, you would have to eat 270 pounds of raspberries to get the amount of ketones contained in just ONE 3X Triple Strength tablet. When you compare our triple strength product to other brands, you’ll quickly see how easy it is to turbocharge your fat loss support.* With Raspberry Ketone 3X, you’ll feel more energized with less cravings, and you’ll know you’re on the fast – and much safer – track to the weight loss success you desire.* And with no unwanted side effects! When used with a healthy diet and exercise, Raspberry Ketone 3X helps you reach your weight management goals even faster!*


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  • Healthy Natural Systems Relora

    Healthy Natural Systems Relora

    Stress can sabotage even your best weight reduction efforts. Just when you’re finishing off a “perfect” day of eating, a stressful incident – discovering an important work assignment you failed to complete… an argument with your spouse… a frustrating struggle with your child – occurs and wham! You hit the frozen cheesecake you promised yourself you wouldn’t touch… Over the years, our bodies have evolved to manage stressful situations by creating a hormonal response to help us react in times of stress – the flight-or-fright response. One of the main hormones involved, cortisol, is released to help us cope with stress. As you might imagine, it doesn’t take much to set off your body’s stress alarm and the flow of cortisol. Today’s fast-paced lifestyle and demands provide no shortage of fuses. And that’s the problem… When stress doesn’t let up, your cortisol “faucet” doesn’t shut off either. One result of cortisol production “overdrive” is a spike in appetite. To help soothe your stressful feelings, you’re likely to seek out “comfort” foods – foods high in fat and sugar. It’s no coincidence that high-sugar and high-fat foods are exactly what the body craves to build up its energy reserves for a pending “flight-or-fight” that of course never happens. So where do these extra calories go? Straight to your abdomen as fat deposits! Now there is an all-natural dietary supplement that can help ease stress and help you resist the cravings and overeating that can come with stress.* When you can help control a crucial “trigger” that causes you to overeat, you have a powerful tool to help support your weight management.* Relora® is a patented, proprietary blend of two herbal nutrients used in Traditional Chinese Medicine – Magnolia officinalis and Phellodendron amurense bark extracts.* How does it work? The Relora® blend helps quiet the part of the brain that responds to stress (the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis) without causing drowsiness.* And , naturally, when there’s less stress, the production of cortisol drops.* The addition of Chromium polynicotinate helps your body metabolize fat and carbohydrates and supports healthy glucose metabolism.* By promoting healthy blood sugar levels already in the normal range, you also help reduce food cravings and the urge to overeat.* Relora® is widely supported by the medical community, including M.D.’s, Naturopaths and Chiropractors. And for good reason… Introduced in 2000, Relora® has undergone successful clinical trials. Plus, with an ongoing commitment to quality, the raw materials used in Relora® are wild-crafted or grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers.


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  • Natural Factors Slimstyles Pgx Granules Weight Management

    Natural Factors Slimstyles Pgx Granules Weight Management

    It's now easier than ever to lose weight with Natural Factors SlimStyles PGX (PolyGlycopleX) Granules. These unflavoured PGX granules dissolve and mix easily and can be sprinkled on cereal, soups, yogurt or salads without affecting the flavour. You can also "just add water" for an incredibly convenient way to control appetite. PGX granules have all the benefits of this unique polysaccharide blend, including blood sugar balancing and a feeling of fullness that lasts for hours. PGX goes beyond fibre. It is highly concentrated and works quickly to curb appetite and cravings. Sprinkle unflavoured PGX granules on your food and you will eat less, feel full and begin to get better control of your weight. PGX granules can be added to most foods and work well in moist foods like soups, sauces, in yogurt, pudding or applesauce. Always drink plenty of water when using PGX.


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  • Now Phase 2 Kidney Bean Starch Blocker Supplement

    Now Phase 2 Kidney Bean Starch Blocker Supplement

    NOW® PHASE 2® helps you achieve dietary management objectives without the use of stimulants or laxatives. PHASE 2® is a natural bean extract that has been shown in non-clinical studies to help reduce the breakdown and absorption of complex carbohydrates, by limiting the action of alpha-amylase, a digestive enzyme. Alpha-amylase helps break down dietary starches into glucose so that they can be absorbed by the digestive tract. With less alpha-amylase activity, there may be less excess glucose available to convert into fat and store as adipose tissue.*


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  • Organika Garcinia Plus Weight Control Supplements

    Organika Garcinia Plus Weight Control Supplements

    Improve your recipe for weight loss with Organika®'s Garcinia Plus Capsules! Sometimes recipes need to be adjusted to suit individual tastes and preferences. The recipe for weight loss is no different. Not to mention, the added conditions of little time for the gym, constant cravings and lack of commitment. Without direction and the right combination of ingredients, the recipe for weight loss will go awry. Find your way again with Organika®'s Garcinia Plus Capsules. This unique formula helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates and fats, as well as support healthy glucose metabolism, by employing the benefits of five specialized ingredients. Formerly Organika Slim and Sexy


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  • Platinum 5-HTP Amino Acid

    Platinum 5-HTP Amino Acid

    What is 5-HTP? 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is an amino acid found naturally in the seeds of Griffonia simplicifolia, a medicinal plant native to West Africa. 5-HTP is a direct precursor to the synthesis of serotonin, an important brain chemical that is involved in sleep, mood, anxiety, aggression, appetite, body temperature control and pain sensation.    What does 5-HTP do? Many people are overweight, crave sugar and other carbohydrates, experience bouts of sleeplessness, get frequent headaches and have vague muscle aches and pain. All of these maladies are correctable by raising brain serotonin levels.    What effect does 5-HTP have on weightloss? 5-HTP literally turns off hunger. Human clinical studies of overweight people show that 5-HTP is able to reduce caloric and carbohydrate intake and promote weight loss by increasing satiety, the feeling of fullness. And unlike many weight-loss drugs, 5-HTP does not disrupt the normal process of serotonin release, re-absorption and elimination from the body, making it much safer to use.   How does 5-HTP help treat insomnia? Several clinical studies have shown 5-HTP helps promote and maintain sleep in normal subjects as well as in those experiencing insomnia.    What is Fibromyalgia and how does 5-HTP help? Estimated to affect about 4% of the general population, Fibromyalgia is characterized by chronic pain and fatigue and low serotonin levels. Studies suggest that 5-HTP can largely improve the painful picture of primary Fibromyalgia   How does 5-HTP benefit headache sufferers? Because chronic headache sufferers have low levels of serotonin in their tissues, some researchers refer to migraine and chronic headaches as a "low serotonin syndrome.” There have been several clinical studies on 5-HTP in headaches, both migraine and tension headaches, that have showed excellent results. 


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