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Non-Stimulant Energy

Non-stimulant energy enhancers are a great alternative if a single cup of coffee leaves you feeling jittery or anxious. Although the energy boost from non-stimulant energy enhancers isn’t as noticeable as those containing stimulants, it will last through the day and you won’t have that mid-afternoon crash that can come with from stimulant-based supplements. + Read more >

Stress on our bodies, whether from work, life or intense workouts, can make us exhausted and irritable as our body has to draw on its energy reserves. Making sure your body is properly fuelled with a healthy diet and a non-stimulant energy enhancer can reduce this effect on your body. Many non-stimulant energy enhancers also contain amino acids to help rebuild these energy reserves, as well as energy enhancing herbs, vitamins and antioxidants. Two key ingredients that will help boost energy levels naturally are Vitamin B and Ginseng. Using a non-stimulant energy enhancer that also contains digestive enzymes will help your body break down and absorb nutrients from your diet more effectively, allowing you to get the maximum benefit from a naturally healthy, balanced diet. Before starting any new supplements it is important to check with your doctor to make sure they are right for you, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medications. If your goal is to boost your energy without the side-effects of a stimulant, check out Body Energy Club’s online selection of non-stimulant energy enhancers today. Before starting any new supplements it is important to check with your doctor to make sure they are right for you, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medications.

  • Bee Happy Pure American White Ginseng Herbal Supplements

    Bee Happy Pure American White Ginseng Herbal Supplements

    Panax quinquefolium is American ginseng. First used by Native Americans, it was "discovered" in 1715 by a Jesuit missionary in Canada. Harvesting for export, which began in the late 1700's, has drastically reduced native populations, so American ginseng is listed under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). States that want to export ginseng must have ginseng programs that provide for registration of dealers, records of purchases and sales of ginseng, and a limited season for harvesting. Wild roots are considered the most valuable because of their higher potency. Much of the ginseng in the U.S. is now cultivated in fields under artificial shade. Ginseng is susceptible to a number of fungus infections that can destroy the crop, so fungicides are routinely sprayed on cultivated crops to prevent infection. Woods grown ginseng may be a good alternative to wild and cultivated ginseng. Roots are planted in a natural woods setting. The method of production is quite variable, though, and the quality of the roots inconsistent. American ginseng is used the same way as Asian ginseng except that it's considered more cooling and balancing (more yin). It's a good choice for otherwise healthy people with overheated conditions brought on by stress, excessive caffeine intake, or over stimulation.


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  • Brad King's Ultimate Maca Energy Supplements

    Brad King's Ultimate Maca Energy Supplements

    Brad King ULTIMATE MACA ENERGY - Maca is not a medicine or a supplement; it is a food loaded with vital nutrients in bioavailable forms. The synergy of the nutrients within maca (naturally provided and the right proportions) assist the body in its ongoing process of regeneration, ultimately helping to replenish and recuperate from different problems and, providing ultimate balance and well being. Its actions focus mainly in the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, assisting the body in balancing its hormones, and all the benefits derived from hormonal balance, such as more energy, less stress, better moods, and enhanced libido.


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  • Magnum Opus Non Stimulant Pre-Workout Supplements

    Magnum Opus Non Stimulant Pre-Workout Supplements

    WHAT IS MAGNUM OPUS?   You’ve never built muscle like this before.   Magnum Opus® creates an anabolic firestorm, causing incredible muscle growth.  This groundbreaking formula sends strength levels off the charts by increasing blood flow and hydration of your muscles.  Opus® lets you break through barriers by supercharging your energy levels, delaying fatigue and pushing muscle performance. You’ll feel it working instantly.  


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  • Natural Factors Rhodiola Adaptogen & Energy Herbal Supplement

    Natural Factors Rhodiola Adaptogen & Energy Herbal Supplement

    What stressful situation is coming up for you? A presentation to a critical audience? Another two weeks on night shift? Looming final exams? Or just the relentless pace of life in general? Now is the time to learn about Rhodiola rosea, an incredible, yet very safe, herb that helps you adapt to the stress you are facing, whatever it may be. It helps by increasing your energy, mental clarity, focus and performance, while relieving anxiety and even improving your sex life. If this sounds too good to be true, read on. Rhodiola is showing itself to be an effective herb that works as an adaptogen (see box) to help us manage stress. It is native to mountainous regions in Asia and Europe and has a centuries-old reputation as a healing herb that combats fatigue and restores energy. Even the Vikings used it. In Siberia, bouquets of rhodiola roots are still given to newly-weds to enhance fertility and ensure the birth of healthy children. Most of the research has been done in the former Soviet Union and Scandinavian countries. Although there are over 200 spe- cies, studies show that Rhodiola rosea is the most clinically effective.


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  • New Chapter Perfect Energy Herbal Supplement

    New Chapter Perfect Energy Herbal Supplement

    Finding Your Perfect Balance: How Do You Experience Stress? As individuals, we differ not only in what we perceive to be stressful, but in how we experience stress. Some people experience stress in the form of worry, tension, irritability, inability to focus and/or difficulty sleeping. These people are clearly in need of more calming influences, however, sometimes the people who need more calm don’t even realize it. On the other end of the spectrum are individuals who experience stress as fatigue, low energy, lack of motivation, and/or muscle soreness. These people have burned the candle at both ends for too long and are experiencing an energy deficit. Although they may be tempted to reach for stimulants like caffeine, they will only feel worse when they experience the crash that comes later as their energy deficit worsens. These people don’t just need more energy, they need sustained energy support that can only come from an improvement in mitochondrial function. 
I Need More Energy . . . Perfect Energy is the ideal organic whole-food multi-vitamin herbal and nutrient formula for those seeking enhanced energy, performance and endurance.* Energizing herbs, such as Organic Maca, Ginseng, and Rhodiola, boost energy without the crash of traditional stimulants by enhancing the body’s ability to produce energy on a cellular level.* Included in the formulation is a clinically studied proprietary grapeseed extract which provides powerful antioxidants that help optimize mitochondrial energy production, decrease muscle soreness, and promote recovery following physical exertion or other stressful events.* A complete multi-vitamin, Perfect Energy contains a combination of 23 whole-food vitamins and minerals formulated to promote optimal health while targeting the nutrients your body needs to sustain energy production, like whole-food complexed Vitamins B, C, E, and Selenium.* Yet another unique feature of Perfect Energy is the Vital Rhythms blend of flower essences which encourages mental focus, fortitude, and perseverance during times of stress.*


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  • New Roots D-Ribose

    New Roots D-Ribose

    D-Ribose is a simple carbohydrate molecule found in every cell in the human body. Physical stress can increase the loss of nucleotides (such as ATP, ADP and AMP) from the hearth and skeletal muscles. D-Ribose is critical in the continuous production of ATP, the molecule which gives our muscles and our heart the energy they need to perform. Ribose metabolizes into 5-phophoribosyl-1-pyrophosphate (PRPP), which is a rate limiting substance used in the synthesis of nucleotides. D-Ribose supports muscle recovery, increases energy and endurance. All muscles in the body rely on a constant supply of ATP for the energy they need to function properly. When we place great energy demands on our heart or skeletal muscles through intense physical exercise, our muscles become deprived of oxygen due to diminished blood flow. This oxygen deprivation leads to a drastic decrease in muscle ATP/energy levels. Studies have shown that muscle ATP stores can be decreased by as much as 60-70% following exhaustive exercise and that it can take over 72 hours for these ATP stores to be adequately replenished. During this recuperation period, muscular strength and endurance may be greatly diminished. D-Ribose has been shown to dramatically enhance the rate at which ATP is replenished in the muscles decreasing the recovery time from 72 hours in as little as 12 hours! Imagine training a muscle group very intensely and, in as little as half of a day that muscle group having the energy stores available to perform at 100%. The benefits of D-Ribose in the replenishment of our bodies vital energy source, ATP is wonderful for everyone, from the serious athlete to the person who has suffered a temporary traumatic loss of blood flow to the heart (a heart attack). D-Ribose is absorbed very efficiently with 95% of what you consume delivered to the bloodstream. D-Ribose will have no effect on heart rate or blood pressure and should be taken approximately one hour before exercise and immediately after. D-Ribose when taken with Creatine Monohydrate may prove to have a synergistic/ powerful effect on muscle strength, endurance, and recovery. As with any dietary supplement, results will vary from individual to individual.


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  • Organika Green Tea Extract

    Organika Green Tea Extract

    Organika®'s Green Tea Extract is a super concentrated, low caffeine version of this traditional beverage. This extract contains 95% Polyphenols, the active ingredient with antioxidant properties. One capsule is equivalent to 10 cups of Green Tea.


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  • Organika Korean Red Ginseng Herbal Supplement

    Organika Korean Red Ginseng Herbal Supplement

    For thousands of years Traditional Chinese Medicine has used Korean Red ginseng for both mental and physical stimulation and Korean White ginseng for its calming quality. Organika's ginseng capsules are prepared from specially selected six year old ginseng roots and harvested from the pristine mountain valleys of South Korea. Standardized processing techniques ensures saponin content, expressed as ginsenocides groups Rg/Rb(the active component of panax ginseng).


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  • Organika Premium Royal Jelly

    Organika Premium Royal Jelly

    Premium Royal Jelly. A refined, more nutritious bee pollen made especially for their queen, Royal Jelly is packed with unique active ingredients to increase stamina, strength and longevity. Supplementing with Royal Jelly offers both immune-boosting and energizing benefits.


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