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Carbohydrates & Electrolytes

Electrolyte supplements are most commonly known for maintaining hydration, but these essential minerals are also critical for metabolism and alkalinity. They also provide antioxidant protection and play a key role in sustaining endurance during long periods of exercise. + Read more >

Using electrolyte supplements before, during and after exercise will help keep your muscles from cramping due to dehydration, improve muscular endurance and improve overall performance whether you’re participating in a competitive event or a regular workout. Many of the ready-to-drink sports drinks combine carbohydrates and electrolyte supplements, as well as caffeine and herbal compounds for extra energy. These drinks are specially formulated to contain appropriate amounts of carbohydrates and electrolytes supplements to help regulate blood sugar, as well as water to help replace the fluid and sodium lost through sweat during athletic activities. Research has shown that the flavouring in sports drinks also encourages athletes to drink more fluid during exercise, which helps to maintain proper levels of hydration. Maintaining a proper balance of sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride and phosphate will not only help you in your overall health, but can even help stave off the occasional unwanted hangover. Before starting any new supplements it is important to check with your doctor to make sure they are right for you, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medications. Body Energy Club’s selection of carbohydrate and electrolyte supplements includes electrolyte powders, tablets, liquids gels and chews at Canada’s best online prices. Before starting any new supplements it is important to check with your doctor to make sure they are right for you, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medications.

  • Allmax CarbIon Sports Supplement

    Allmax CarbIon Sports Supplement

    Carbion+ is a 6-Source, Sugar-Free, Ion-Charged Carb Complex with unique properties owing to its very large molecular weight and low osmolarity. While sugar typically absorbs in the stomach, Carbion+ moves rapidly to the small intestine where complete absorption powers your workouts like never before.*


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  • Allmax Waxy Maize Complex Carbohydrate Supplements

    Allmax Waxy Maize Complex Carbohydrate Supplements

    ALLMAX Waxy Maize 2300™ is a superior source of carbohydrate fuel. It has an extremely low osmolarity rate, meaning, it is absorbed and digested very well. With zero sugar and no gluten, it creates zero bloating and no water retention. With a molecular weight over 3000 times greater than dextrose, AWM2300™ has the ability to pull other notoriously difficult nutrients, such as Creatine, Beta-Alanine and Arginine, across the intestinal wall with it and increase their absorption.


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  • AOR Ribogen Powder Nutritional Supplements

    AOR Ribogen Powder Nutritional Supplements

    D-ribose is a naturally occurring, five-carbon sugar found in all living cells. It is a component of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), ribonucleic acid (RNA), and all nucleotides and nucleotide coenzymes. Studies show that ribose can alleviate fatigue associated with fibromyalgia by 45%.


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  • Elete Citrilyte Electrolyte Supplements

    Elete Citrilyte Electrolyte Supplements

    Citrilyte is a pure electrolyte add-in with a light, tart flavour. Unlike sports drinks, Elete provides the complete set of balanced ions necessary for total hydration -- potassium, magnesium, sodium and chloride -- and nothing more. Just add a few drops to water (or any other liquid) for total hydration.   Use Elete -- not sugary sports punch -- for optimal hydration and electrolyte balance. Elete is ideal for sports participants of all types, as well as runners, cyclists, hikers, and search and rescue personnel.


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  • Elete Electrolyte Supplements

    Elete Electrolyte Supplements

    elete is a blend of concentrated electrolytes that can be added to water or any beverage. elete instantly delivers important electrolytes like potassium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, and sulfate to your body.


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  • Elete Tablytes Electrolyte 90 Tablets

    Elete Tablytes Electrolyte 90 Tablets

    Balanced electrolyte tablets providing 9 major elecrtolytes. Features: Balanced electrolyte tablets providing potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, chloride, phosphorus, sulfate, carbonate, and citrate Bottle of 90 tablets Best used before or after activity or as needed at home for electrolyte replacement.


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  • GU Brew Lemon Lime 12 Tablets

    GU Brew Lemon Lime 12 Tablets

      Product Description GU Brew Electrolyte Tablets are a lightweight, low calorie way to properly hydrate and provide a better means of hydrating than water alone. The unique electrolyte blend of sodium and potassium has a slight effervescence and compliments an athlete’s existing nutritional arsenal. Just Drop, Fizz and Drink. PROPER HYDRATION includes supplementing water with electrolytes DURING activity, but it is not limited ONLY to periods of actual training and racing. OPTIMAL HYDRATION takes place in the days and weeks before an event or after a hard workout. Use GU Brew Electrolyte Tablets whenever, wherever, and you'll see a boost in preparation, sustenance, as well as recovery. SIMPLY, electrolytes improve the efficacy of the hydration process. They are invariably better than water alone and bring your system into balance more quickly by helping you retain more of the liquid you ingest. GU BREW ELECTROLYTE TABLETS are simple, light tasting and natural. Flavours: Lemon Lime and Orange Sizes:  12 Tablets per Tube - 1 Tablet for approximately 500ml NUTRITION - Serv. Size:  1 Tablet (4.5g), Servings:  12, Calories 10, Total Fat 0g, Sodium 320mg, Total Carb 1g, Sugar Alc.


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  • Hammer Heed Carbohydrate and Electrolyte Powder

    Hammer Heed Carbohydrate and Electrolyte Powder

    Sports drinks have been around a long time and for many athletes they're more convenient than energy gels. Unfortunately, most sports drinks are not much more than artificially colored sugar water that does little to aid your performance and even less for your health. That is why we developed HEED as a healthy alternative for you. HEED’s subtle tasting, all-complex carbohydrate formula goes down easily and supplies you with consistent, long-lasting energy and the electrolytes you need to keep pushing the pace. Because we add no citric acid to the formula, it will not burn your throat or stomach no matter how long you drink it. HEED's sweeteners - stevia and xylitol - are actually good for you, xylitol being especially beneficial for helping promote oral health. The full-spectrum, all chelated mineral, electrolyte profile helps satisfy your body’s mineral requirements. L-Carnosine and Chromium Polynicotinate help to buffer lactic acid and support stable blood glucose levels. If you prefer sport drinks over energy gels or like to use the two together, try HEED… and find out what a sports drink done right can do for your athletic performance.   Hammer HEED is a definite "step up" and welcome departure from the seemingly endless number of powdered sports drinks available to endurance athletes, giving you all the convenience of a powdered drink mix along with many added benefits not found in the vast majority of sports drinks. One of the primary flaws inherent with most sports drinks is their reliance on simple sugar as the carbohydrate source. The use of simple sugar such as glucose, sucrose, and fructose not only severely limits the amount of calories that can be efficiently digested and utilized for energy, it may cause wild fluctuations in energy levels. HEED's all-complex carbohydrate formula, on the other hand, allows you to obtain the ideal amount of calories you need, providing a more consistent and longer lasting energy supply, and without putting you at risk for stomach distress.   HEED also provides a complete and easily assimilated electrolyte profile, not just salt and potassium, which comprise the electrolyte "profile" of most other drinks. For some athletes, one or two scoops of HEED will completely fulfill electrolyte requirements (in addition to caloric requirements). For other athletes, the electrolyte profile in HEED will provide an excellent base from which additional Endurolytes can be added to completely satisfy electrolyte needs. With added chromium polynicotinate for maintaining stable blood glucose levels and l-carnosine for buffering lactic acid, HEED is truly in a class of its on in the world of powdered sports drinks.   So whenever and wherever a sports drink is your preferred choice, heed your body's desire for a superior fuel. HEED is the only choice you need to make.   * Steady, consistent energy * Buffer lactic acid * Help prevent cramps


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  • Monnol Electrolyte Stamina Supplements

    Monnol Electrolyte Stamina Supplements

    Electrolyte-Stamina is a dietary supplement that is ideal for sports performance, people working in high temperatures and anyone expecting to experience high levels of fluid loss. Helps to maintain a good electrolytic balance for the body and gives an energy renewal.


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