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Increase Energy

Body Energy Club’s online vitamin and supplement store has a wide range of energy booster supplements to help increase your energy levels and get the most out of your fitness program. No matter what your approach to supplementation and overall health is, there is a product that fits your lifestyle. + Read more >

There are energy booster supplements that are ephedrine and caffeine-based, herbal stimulants and stimulant-free energy booster supplements all formulated to help you increase your energy and mental focus. When you increase your energy and mental focus, you also increase your productivity in your everyday life, as well as in the gym. Some energy booster supplements are designed for short-term use when you are pushing your body to its max in a training program. Others are designed to help prevent deficiencies that can result from ongoing intensive training over longer periods of time. Body Energy Club’s vitamin and supplement store has the energy booster supplements to help you reach your goals at Canada’s best online prices.

More Increase Energy Categories

Caffeine / Stimulants

There are a wide range of caffeine stimulant supplements available in the ever growing supplement industry for a simple reason – they work. Caffeine stimulant supplements allow you to train at a higher level with more intensity and help you to get the most out of your workout. Caffeine is the most popular, and effective, of the caffeine and stimulant supplements and is found in most formulas. Other stimulants that are used in caffeine and stimulant supplements include 1, 3-dimethylamylamine,

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Carbohydrates & Electrolytes

Electrolyte supplements are most commonly known for maintaining hydration, but these essential minerals are also critical for metabolism and alkalinity. They also provide antioxidant protection and play a key role in sustaining endurance during long periods of exercise.

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Energy Bars

Energy bars are the portable answer to making sure that you don’t go more than three or four hours without a meal, causing your energy levels to plummet. They are easy to keep in your gym bag, briefcase, desk, purse or glove box. Eating five to six meals per day is an important part of fuelling a body in training but it can be difficult, and that's where energy bars come in. They are quick, convenient, and have the important nutrients to support your body's daily energy maintenance.

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Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are the perfect answer for those times when life is so rushed that you don’t have time to stop for a proper meal. Let's face it, any time you go more than three or four hours without eating, your energy levels are going to plummet. Squeezing in five to six meals per day can be difficult, and that's where energy drinks come in.

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Ephedra, or Ma Huang, has been used in oriental medicine for many years. Ephedrine is a powerful stimulant which is derived from the Ma Huang shrub and acts like adrenaline. Because of this, ephedrine supplements increase blood pressure and heart rate, make you sweat, and increase blood flow to the heart, brain, and muscles.

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Herbal Energy Enhancers

If you’re concerned about only putting natural products in your body, herbal energy supplements are the answer to improving your energy and boosting your workouts. Herbal energy supplements are designed to support your overall health and well being on a daily basis. Using high quality herbal energy supplements can help give you a natural energy boost, elevate your mood, and increase mental focus and clarity.

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Non-Stimulant Energy

Non-stimulant energy enhancers are a great alternative if a single cup of coffee leaves you feeling jittery or anxious. Although the energy boost from non-stimulant energy enhancers isn’t as noticeable as those containing stimulants, it will last through the day and you won’t have that mid-afternoon crash that can come with from stimulant-based supplements.

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