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Carbohydrates & Electrolytes

Electrolyte supplements are most commonly known for maintaining hydration, but these essential minerals are also critical for metabolism and alkalinity. They also provide antioxidant protection and play a key role in sustaining endurance during long periods of exercise. + Read more >

Using electrolyte supplements before, during and after exercise will help keep your muscles from cramping due to dehydration, improve muscular endurance and improve overall performance whether you’re participating in a competitive event or a regular workout. Many of the ready-to-drink sports drinks combine carbohydrates and electrolyte supplements, as well as caffeine and herbal compounds for extra energy. These drinks are specially formulated to contain appropriate amounts of carbohydrates and electrolytes supplements to help regulate blood sugar, as well as water to help replace the fluid and sodium lost through sweat during athletic activities. Research has shown that the flavouring in sports drinks also encourages athletes to drink more fluid during exercise, which helps to maintain proper levels of hydration. Maintaining a proper balance of sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride and phosphate will not only help you in your overall health, but can even help stave off the occasional unwanted hangover. Body Energy Club’s selection of carbohydrate and electrolyte supplements includes electrolyte powders, tablets, liquids gels and chews at Canada’s best online prices. Before starting any new supplements it is important to check with your doctor to make sure they are right for you, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medications.

  • Elete Citrilyte Electrolyte Supplements

    Elete Citrilyte Electrolyte Supplements

    Citrilyte is a pure electrolyte add-in with a light, tart flavour. Unlike sports drinks, Elete provides the complete set of balanced ions necessary for total hydration -- potassium, magnesium, sodium and chloride -- and nothing more. Just add a few drops to water (or any other liquid) for total hydration.   Use Elete -- not sugary sports punch -- for optimal hydration and electrolyte balance. Elete is ideal for sports participants of all types, as well as runners, cyclists, hikers, and search and rescue personnel.


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  • Klean Athlete Electrolytes Supplement

    Klean Athlete Electrolytes Supplement

    Don’t let dehydration, fatigue or muscle cramps interfere with your workout or training. Loss of electrolytes can cause all three. Klean Electrolytes is formulated with the athlete in mind. Supplying a blend of minerals in capsule form to help replenish electrolytes and retain hydration. To help achieve optimal performance, Klean Electrolytes may be used prior to, during and after exercise.


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  • New Roots D-Ribose

    New Roots D-Ribose

    D-Ribose is a simple carbohydrate molecule found in every cell in the human body. Physical stress can increase the loss of nucleotides (such as ATP, ADP and AMP) from the hearth and skeletal muscles. D-Ribose is critical in the continuous production of ATP, the molecule which gives our muscles and our heart the energy they need to perform. Ribose metabolizes into 5-phophoribosyl-1-pyrophosphate (PRPP), which is a rate limiting substance used in the synthesis of nucleotides. D-Ribose supports muscle recovery, increases energy and endurance. All muscles in the body rely on a constant supply of ATP for the energy they need to function properly. When we place great energy demands on our heart or skeletal muscles through intense physical exercise, our muscles become deprived of oxygen due to diminished blood flow. This oxygen deprivation leads to a drastic decrease in muscle ATP/energy levels. Studies have shown that muscle ATP stores can be decreased by as much as 60-70% following exhaustive exercise and that it can take over 72 hours for these ATP stores to be adequately replenished. During this recuperation period, muscular strength and endurance may be greatly diminished. D-Ribose has been shown to dramatically enhance the rate at which ATP is replenished in the muscles decreasing the recovery time from 72 hours in as little as 12 hours! Imagine training a muscle group very intensely and, in as little as half of a day that muscle group having the energy stores available to perform at 100%. The benefits of D-Ribose in the replenishment of our bodies vital energy source, ATP is wonderful for everyone, from the serious athlete to the person who has suffered a temporary traumatic loss of blood flow to the heart (a heart attack). D-Ribose is absorbed very efficiently with 95% of what you consume delivered to the bloodstream. D-Ribose will have no effect on heart rate or blood pressure and should be taken approximately one hour before exercise and immediately after. D-Ribose when taken with Creatine Monohydrate may prove to have a synergistic/ powerful effect on muscle strength, endurance, and recovery. As with any dietary supplement, results will vary from individual to individual.


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  • PVL Essentials Waxy Maize Carbo Powder Sport Supplement

    PVL Essentials Waxy Maize Carbo Powder Sport Supplement

    Waxy Maize is a specially micronized waxy maize carbo powder with unique plasma expanding properties. It helps to restore muscle glycogen levels after exercise. Provides steady flow of high energy. Helps pull other nutrients to working muscles, and keeps muscles better hydrated that regular carb powders.


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  • Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator Stick

    Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator Stick

    Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator is a natural, alkaline-forming drink mix, free from sugar and artificial sweeteners, Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator is formulated with all the essential electrolytes your body needs to stay hydrated during workouts.  With zero calories per serving, Electrolyte Hydrator tastes great, so you can sip it not just during your workout, but throughout the day to:   Replenish electrolytes and minerals Enhance metabolism and alkalinity Provide antioxidant protection   Available in Lemon Lime and Pom-Berry flavours.


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