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Protein is found throughout the body in muscle tissue, the inner structure of bones, red blood cells, hair, nails, and the skin. Increasing your daily protein intake by using quality protein supplements in combination with a healthy lifestyle and/or training program helps to increase lean muscle mass, burn body fat and improve overall health. The human body is in a constant state of protein turnover and exercise increases the rate of muscle protein turnover. + Read more >

Our bodies use protein to produce energy during prolonged exercise when muscle glycogen runs low. Protein supplements are an important part of helping maximize muscle recovery and repair and making sure that your daily dietary intake is sufficient to help facilitate this process. There are protein supplements to suit every lifestyle and dietary need and make your training goals easier to achieve. Whether supplementing with the increasingly popular plant based proteins or using traditional whey based proteins, your body will recover faster, perform better and metabolize body fat far more efficiently. Body Energy Club has the largest selection of protein supplements in Canada in including plant-based proteins from brown rice protein, hemp protein and pumpkin protein to the more traditional whey proteins, casein protein and lactose free whey protein isolates. Before starting any new supplements it is important to check with your doctor to make sure they are right for you, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medications.

  • Allmax Casein-FX Time Release Protein Powder Supplements

    Allmax Casein-FX Time Release Protein Powder Supplements

    CASEIN-FX™ is a revolutionary approach to keeping your system fueled with a constant flow of muscle-building amino acids. CASEIN-FX™ has a perfect blend of 100% pure Micellar Casein and Calcium Caseinate to provide an ideal ratio that provides up to 7 HOURS of protein digestion! CASEIN-FX is fortified with an amino acid complex of growth-stimulating Glutamine, Taurine, Glycine and Glutamine Precursors to stimulate growth and speed recovery. CASEIN-FX has a secret weapon: BioCore EDGE™, a Patented Enzyme Activation Technology that literally increases the amount of absorption-ready amino acids to continually fuel your gains. Casein is unique in that digestion causes it dramatically to slow down, providing a trickle-feeding effect over a long period of time. The pH sensitive BioCore EDGE™ is triggered by digestion and enhances this process by more effectively breaking the larger protein molecules into bioavailable amino acid peptides. ISOFLEX® Whey Protein Isolate is perfect following your workout or first thing in the morning, since it has extremely rapid absorption that floods your system with high levels of amino acids, putting your muscles into a state called Hyperaminoacidemia that stimulates rapid muscle growth. CASEIN-FX™, on the other hand, is the ultimate in slow-release protein technology. Consuming CASEIN-FX prior to sleeping or any time you will be without a high protein meal for any significant length of time will keep you from becoming catabolic (a state of muscle breakdown). Muscle catabolism is most often the number one reason aspiring bodybuilders fail to reach their goals. CASEIN-FX™ provides a convenient, easy-to-mix and delicious way to keep your muscles fueled with a constant flood of amino acids. CASEIN-FX is a fat-free and low-carb formula that will help you reach your goals.


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  • Allmax Isoflex Chiller Whey Protein Isolate

    Allmax Isoflex Chiller Whey Protein Isolate

    Get the ISOFLEX® Whey Protein Isolate you know and love in a new refreshing juice-style drink that goes down like an ice-cold drink on a hot summer day. Getting your ISOFLEX® has never been easier. Mix ISOFLEX® Chiller with ice-cold water and pour over ice to get a truly exceptional taste sensation. ISOFLEX® Chiller is made with the same great ISOFLEX® Ultra-High Quality Whey Protein Isolate Delivery System Formula containing 90% pure (bioactive) protein in every scoop. ISOFLEX® by ALLMAX has earned the trust of protein lovers everywhere. ISOFLEX® Chiller does not contain whey protein concentrate. As a result, ISOFLEX® Chiller contains 0 g fat, 0 g sugar, and is 99% lactose-free. ISOFLEX® Chiller delivers exceptional protein quality that mixes easily and tastes incredible. ISOFLEX® is produced in an air-pressure sealed cGMP facility; ensuring that ISOFLEX® Chiller has been produced under the purest and cleanest conditions possible. ISOFLEX Chiller has an excellent macronutrient profile: Only Pure Whey Protein Isolate 27 g of Protein in every Serving Zero Sugar & Zero Fat Two Mouth-Watering Flavors Aspartame-Free


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  • Allmax Isoflex Whey Protein Isolate Supplements

    Allmax Isoflex Whey Protein Isolate Supplements

    The ultimate in taste, the ultimate in convenience; ISOFLEX stakes its claim as the last word in high performance nutrition. With 7 critical cofactors in 4 proprietary complexes, ISOFLEX not only provides an ultra-pure, highly-bioavailable whey protein isolate but a potent delivery system to ensure powerful nutrient assimilation you can feel. With 90% pure protein per scoop, amazing taste and the perfect blend of protein, nothing else can compare.


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  • Allmax IsoNatural Isolate Protein Supplement

    Allmax IsoNatural Isolate Protein Supplement

    IsoNatural is a pure whey protein with no artificial flavor, no sugar, no sweetener and no color added. It’s the ideal protein supplement for those looking for a natural option with no added artificial flavors or sweeteners. IsoNatural is 100% pure and natural whey protein. IsoNatural contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners How is IsoNatural Made? IsoNatural protein powder is extracted through CTP™ (Cold Temperature Process) Microfiltration. This is a Cross-Flow Microfiltration (CFM) process that removes the larger, less absorbable protein molecules while filtering out fat, lactose and ash which are normally present in whey concentrates and other lower quality protein powders. ISONATURAL is extracted through CTP™ (Cold Temperature Process) Microfiltration The filtration membranes used for in the CFM process are extraordinarily fine and have the ability to remove even more lactose, ash and fat than the process of ultra-filtration which is used for lower quality whey protein products. Using this sophisticated process, ALLMAX is able to produce IsoNatural, a superior Ultra Pure Protein that maintains an optimal macronutrutient ratio, yielding 28 g Protein, 1 g Carbohydrate and 0 g of fat. IsoNatural contains 0g of fat per serving! CFM is one of the best methods to extract protein on the market today. This manufacturing process is far superior to some of the others to process an extremely pure isolate. The whole process takes place at a chilly 4 degrees Celsius, or 39 degrees Fahrenheit and leaves almost 100% of the protein and peptides intact. It also yields to the highest amount of undenatured (bio-active) protein available. Our whey protein isolates are manufactured by a chilling or low temperature microfiltration process and dried by indirect heat. The low temperature microfiltration process allows the Iso-Chill whey protein isolates to provide undenatured protein with a full balance of bioactive whey protein fractions, including immunoglobulin, lactoferrin and glycomacropeptides (GMP). The low temperature microfiltration provides undenatured protein with many bioactive whey protein fractions. Other whey processing technologies using higher temperatures cause irreversible unfolding of the protein fractions that can drastically reduce the biological activity of the protein. Based on solubility at pH of 4.6, IsoNatural Whey Protein Isolate has a mere 3% denatured proteins, which is approximately 10% less than ion-exchange whey protein isolates and typically less than other microfiltration whey protein isolates. IsoNatural Whey Protein Isolates also contain up to 12 times more native GMP than ion-exchange whey protein isolates.


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  • Allmax Quickmass Mass Gainer Protein Supplements

    Allmax Quickmass Mass Gainer Protein Supplements

    QUICKMASS is a scientifically formulated mass builder based on California State University research and is designed to help even the hardest gainer pack on lean mass quickly! QUICKMASS accomplishes this by combining a scientifically proven calorie level with a new calorie activation system called NP5™ technology. Every angle of the QUICKMASS formula has been custom designed with the sole objective of delivering the strongest, most potent mass gainer in existence today! We at ALLMAX Nutrition feel we have accomplished our mission - You be the judge!


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  • Body Energy Club Clean Whey Protein Supplement

    Body Energy Club Clean Whey Protein Supplement

    Clean Whey is Specifically designed for the most ingredient conscious athlete. It features a strategic blend of proteins that are low temperature filtered and free of both antibiotics and gluten. But the good news doesn't end there. Clean Whey contains an all natural flavour system and is completely free of artificial colours, sweeteners and preservatives. While that's hugely important, Clean Whey is also an excellent source of dietary protein that will help build muscle and repair body tissue. In addition, it features a unique whey protein isolate imported from New Zealand. The cattle that produce the milk used to create this isolate are raised without the use of growth regulating steroids or milk inducing hormones (including rBGH). Clean Whey tastes great, mixes easily and makes a perfect high protein snack or post workout shake.


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  • Body Energy Club Isolate Protein Supplement

    Body Energy Club Isolate Protein Supplement

    Clean Isolate is specifically designed for the most ingredient conscious individual. It features a Non-GMO, low temperature filtered, CFM whey protein isolate from grass fed cattle. It is antibiotic and gluten free and contains an all natural flavour system that is completely free of artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners and preservatives. But the good news doesn't end there. Clean Isolate is an excellent source of dietary protein that will help build muscle and repair body tissue. It provides over 6 grams of naturally occurring BCAAs per 32 gram serving and with 27 grams of protein and 0 grams of sugar, Clean Isolate gives you more of what you want and less of what you don't. Clean Isolate tastes great, mixes easily and makes a perfect high protein snack or post workout shake.


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  • Body Energy Club Whey Protein Supplement

    Body Energy Club Whey Protein Supplement

    Body Energy Club Whey features a strategic blend of cross flow filtration whey protein concentrate, isolate and fast acting hydrolysate. Each scoop provides 24 grams of whole protein derived entireley from whey. There's no low end proteins, no malto or other fillers, and no inexpensive aminos to exaggerate the protein total (amino spiking). All you get is a solid dose of muscle building, tissue repairing, protein that includes - 5.5 grams of naturally occurring BCAAs, 4.1 grams of glutamic acid and a full array of whey protein microfractions. And wait till you taste it. Body Energy Club Whey has a rich, creamy flavour that puts most other proteins to shame. It's also fully instantized. Just shake and enjoy.


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  • BSN SYNTHA-6 Protein Powder Supplements

    BSN SYNTHA-6 Protein Powder Supplements

    SYNTHA-6 is the ultra-premium protein that tastes 'ridiculously' delicious! This multi-functional a.m. to p.m. protein powder contains 6 individually complete proteins, each with varying digestive rates and distinct amino acid profiles. This combination ensures that your muscles are fed for up to 8 hours with the highest quality combination of proteins available in the world. To enhance this ultra-premium blend, SYNTHA-6 has also been fortified with BCAA's, muscle sparring glutamine peptides, Aminogen for greater digestion, heart-healthy meduim chain triglycerides (MCTs) and essential fatty acids, along with 5 grams of fiber for improved digestion and increased nutrient uptake. Not only does SYNTHA-6 produce 'ridiculously' delicious protein shakes, it provides you with a healthy meal, perfect for your busy lifestyle.


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