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Natural Home

Environmental pollutants can be found everywhere today, whether at home, work or school or any other public place people are exposed to them all the time. You might not be able to completely avoid environmental pollutants however there are several things you can do to minimize exposure to harmful chemicals. Start by taking charge of your own home and replace all of your toxic cleaners and other household items with eco-friendly biodegradable natural home supplements available at Body Energy Club. + Read more >

Most commercial cleaning products contain harsh chemicals and toxins and should be avoided under any circumstances. These toxins are being absorbed into your body and over time they may lead to serious health conditions Natural home supplements are a great alternative to the typical commercial cleaner and can help to protect your health while keeping your home clean. Natural home supplements won’t irritate or harm your skin and are very effective, often even more efficient than commercial products. If you are looking for healthier, more sustainable alternative to traditional cleaning products visit Body Energy Club and check out our large assortment of natural home supplements. We are more than happy to assist you in choosing the right natural home supplements suitable to your needs.

  • Empty Capsules

    Empty Capsules

    Empty gelatin capsules offer an economical and convenient way to take strong tasting vitamin or herb powders. Empty capsules allow you to fill your own powders at desired potencies and avoid tablet binders and fillers. Buying powdered vitamins and filling your own capsules can save up to 50% off most retail prices.


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  • Himalaya Organique Amla and Holy Basil Conditioner

    Himalaya Organique Amla and Holy Basil Conditioner


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  • Himalaya Organique Hydrating Face Wash

    Himalaya Organique Hydrating Face Wash


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  • Now Xyliwhite Mouth Wash

    Now Xyliwhite Mouth Wash

      NOW Xyliwhite Mouthwash is an effective fluoride-free oral rinse that works in unique ways to help you achieve a smile that's healthier and brighter than ever before! Xyliwhite Mouthwash gets its cleansing properties from xylitol - a naturally occurring sugar alcohol that has been shown in clinical studies to help promote dental health; effectively rinsing debris, such as food particles containing bacteria from mouth surfaces. Xylitol also helps safeguard healthy tooth enamel surfaces. By preventing the mouth's pH levels from falling below their normal range, Xyliwhite Mouthwash protects the enamel surface of teeth.   -A Rush of Flavor! -With Xylitol & Steam-Distilled Essential Oils -Freshens Breath -Cleanses Mouth -Promotes Dental Health -Steam-Distilled Essential Oils


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  • Santevia Alkaline Water Flask Natural Home Supplements

    Santevia Alkaline Water Flask Natural Home Supplements

    Receive the benefits of alkaline, re-mineralized water wherever you go!  With the Santevia® Energy Flask you can create cost effective alkaline water in a reusable, socially responsible, stainless steel flask.  The Santevia Energy Flask is the perfect solution to get the alkaline water you need for your active lifestyle - anytime!


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  • Santevia Alkaline Water System Filtration Pitcher

    Santevia Alkaline Water System Filtration Pitcher

    The Santevia ALKALINE Water Filtration Pitcher creates healthy mineralized and alkaline water in a convenient hand held pitcher that can fit in the door of your refrigerator. Essential minerals are critical to your health and help you balance your body pH and stay healthy. The World Health Organization recommends that you drink mineralized water. The Santevia ALKALINE Water Filtration Pitcher provides you with cost effective mineral water that contains calcium and magnesium plus many other trace minerals. AND one Santevia ALKALINE Pitcher will eliminate over 8,300 single use plastic bottles every year so you can do even more to help keep our environment safe. Balance your body with great tasting Santevia alkaline water!   The New Alkaline Water Pitchers are available now. 


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  • Santevia Ceramic Pre-Filter Replacement Natural Home Supplements

    Santevia Ceramic Pre-Filter Replacement Natural Home Supplements

    0.3 micron ceramic pre-filter removes rust and sediments while inhibiting bacteria, germs and parasites. The double-sided, low profile design speeds flow-through.


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  • Santevia Enhanced Shower Filter Natural Home Supplements

    Santevia Enhanced Shower Filter Natural Home Supplements

    Santevia recreates the Earth’s natural mountain waterfalls in an Enhanced Shower Filter utilizing innovative NMC technology. Each burst of water is purified, softened and moisturized to leave you feeling like you just stepped out of an invigorating mountain waterfall, energized and ready for your day. Chlorine from showering may result in a higher chlorine intake than drinking tap water daily. Santevia NMC technology utilizes nano-metallic clusters (NMC) to effectively reduce chlorine and heavy metals.  NMC technology is up to 10 times more effective in reducing chlorine than other filtration media. Activated tourmaline crystals are a natural source of negative ions and far infrared (FIR) energy which alkalizes the water and provides a natural moisturizer leaving your skin and hair soft and healthy.


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  • Santevia Enhanced Water Filter Natural Home Supplements

    Santevia Enhanced Water Filter Natural Home Supplements

    SANTEVIA™ Eight Stage Water Process The Santevia™ Water Process uses a patented five-layer toxin removal and sterilization system shown to produce water that is contaminant free. Its ceramic pre-filter has a pore size of 0.3 microns - blocking bacteria, germs, parasites and particulates. More than a water filter, the Santevia™ Water Process adjusts your water's pH to mildly alkaline by reintroducing minerals that promote ionization and oxygenation, helping your body maintain its active equilibrium. Finally, the Santevia™ Water Process magnetic layer activates water molecules into simple structures for easy absorption.


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