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Pet Health

They don’t care if we have a bad hair day or if we make a mistake; our animal friends/companions show us unconditional love and don’t judge or criticize us. Many people have opened their heart to a pet and treat and accept them as a member of the family. Our animal friends provide us with companionship and joy. They always seem to know how to calm and soothe us or how and when to put a smile on our face…..and much more…. As a pet guardian we experience lots of pleasure however there are responsibilities we took on as well. + Read more >

We want to make sure our animal friends are in good health, are in a safe and healthy environment, get fresh water and eat good quality food – raw food is the most suitable for your animal buddy’s, and receive lots of TLC.  It appears that these days our little furry friends suffer from the same health conditions as their human friend. Most pet guardians mean well and believe that the highly processed kibble and canned food is a healthy choice for their pets because they have been told so by the pet food companies. But this type of food does not offer the same nutritional value as a specie-specific diet and some pet food companies add harmful preservatives and even left over animal products “not safe for human consumption” which may include meat from the 4 D’s (dead, diseased, disabled & dying). Most cat food contains a high percentage of carbohydrates even though cats are unable to break down carbohydrates; felines are “true carnivores”. There has been an increase in the number of pets suffering from chronic diseases especially cancer, diabetes and kidney & bladder problems which may be contributed to their diet, lack of exercise as well as exposure to toxins. As a pet guardian we have the opportunity to prevent these serious diseases by providing a species-specific or home cooked diet made with real food and not processed “dead food”. Exercise is also a critical component of good physical and mental health. Our animal companions need mental and physical stimulation to be happy and to prevent boredom. Behavioural issues are quite common in animals that don’t get enough stimulation. Pet Health Supplements also play an important role in the health and well-being of our little friends. Arthritis is a common condition seen in older dogs’ especially large breeds (i.e. Golden Retriever, Great Dane, German shepherd…) and can significantly reduce the dog’s quality of life. Pet Health Supplements such as Glucosamine Sulfate can help to relief the symptoms that are associated with arthritis and enrich your pets’ quality of life. Urinary Tract Infections and Crystals, especially “Struvyte Crystals” (urine alkaline – high pH) are very common in male cats, the other type of crystals is known as “Calcium Oxalate” (urine acidic – low pH) though less common.  Vitamin C and Cranberry pet health supplements can help to establish and maintain a more acidic urine pH levels in cats that are prone to struvyte crystals - THIS IS APPLIES TO ``STRUVYTE CRYSTALS`` ONLY. Body Energy Club`s online vitamin, supplements and nutrition store offers a wide selection of pet health supplements that can help to maintain your pets health and improve the quality of life of your animal companion. Before starting any new supplements it is important to check with your veterinarian to make sure they are right for your pet, especially if your pet has a medical condition or is taking prescription medications.+ Read less >

  • Ascenta NutraSea 3:1 Fish Oil Omega 3 Vitamins & Supplements

    Ascenta NutraSea 3:1 Fish Oil Omega 3 Vitamins & Supplements

    NutraSea HP (High Potency) is a unique, concentrated fish oil that delivers enhanced benefits. The special 3:1 EPA/DHA ratio is supported by the most current medical research. NutraSea is produced from wild fish of the herring family. Wild fish are generally higher in omega-3s and do not contain the levels of environmental contaminants found in farmed fish. NutraSea hp is high potency for enhanced benefits. You only get what you put in, which is why Ascenta uses the highest quality ingredients. We also place great emphasis on sustainability, to ensure that what's here today isn't gone tomorrow. Our fish oil is derived from sustainably harvested wild fish stocks that are closely regulated and monitored by government authorities. The species used to produce our supplements are certified sustainable by the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. We avoid species such as tuna and Atlantic/Norwegian cod, which are listed as threatened and unsustainable by the same organization.


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  • Bach Rescue Remedy Drops Homeopathic Supplements

    Bach Rescue Remedy Drops Homeopathic Supplements

    Original RESCUE Remedy in the distinctive yellow bottle is a natural remedy made from flower essences. It was first made by Dr Edward Bach in England in the 1930s and is still made in accordance with the traditional methods he developed over 70 years ago.


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