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Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson`s disease is a slowly progressive, irreversible, degenerative disease of the Central Nervous System affecting people between 40-70 years of age. Men are at higher risk of developing Parkinson`s disease than women. Women also tend to be older than men at the onset of the disease. The motor symptoms associated with Parkinson`s disease are the result of the loss of dopamine in the section of the brain (substantia nigra) that controls voluntary activities. Parkinson disease can affect cognitive function and those who suffer from this disease have a higher risk of developing dementia as well.+ Read more >

Although the actual cause of the disease has not been established yet but it is believed that free radical damage may be a contributory cause. Symptoms of Parkinson disease typically include tremors, stiff facial expression, loss of movement and postural instability and difficulty speaking. A healthy diet and a good gentle detoxification program (only under the supervision of a qualified medical profession) and natural Parkinson`s disease supplements can help to reduce some of the symptoms associated with Parkinson disease. Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin C & E and Selenium are powerful antioxidants that may slow down the progression of the disease. Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABBA) acts as a neurotransmitter that calms neuron activity and prevents nerve cells from over firing. Phosphatidyl Choline improves brain function and delays the progression of Parkinson’s disease. Vitamim B’s are essential for proper brain function and enzyme activity – Vitamin B6 is needed for the production of neurotransmitters in the brain like dopamine. Several studies have shown that t sAMe has demonstrated antidepressant activities. Other Parkinson’s disease supplements such as Burdock root, Yellow dock help to purify the blood and detoxify the liver. Gingko biloba has been known to increase circulation and enhance brain function and memory. Whether if you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or if you would like to prevent Parkinson’s disease Body Energy Club’s online vitamins, supplements and nutrition store offers a wide selection of Parkinson’s disease supplements that suit your needs. Before starting any new supplements it is important to check with your doctor to make sure they are right for you, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medications.+ Read less >

  • AOR Citicoline Nutritional Supplements

    AOR Citicoline Nutritional Supplements

    Citicoline is cytidine 5'-diphosphate choline. Citicoline plays a crucial role in the Kennedy pathway, by which the body synthesizes phosphatidylcholine (PC) and, ultimately, other phospholipids, such as phosphatidylserine (PS). By supporting the body's synthesis of new phospholipids in youthful, physiological balance, Citicoline supports brain structure. Extensive research supports the role of Citicoline in supporting optimal cognitive function.


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  • AOR Methylcobalamin Vitamin B Supplements

    AOR Methylcobalamin Vitamin B Supplements

    Methylcobalamin is the neurologically active coenzyme form of vitamin B12, which supports the healthy structure and functioning of the brain and nervous system.


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