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Nausea Relief

Nausea is the feeling of discomfort in the stomach with an impulse to vomit. Nausea can be caused by a number of physical and psychological factors including food poisoning, influenza, inner ear infection, motion sickness, morning sickness (pregnancy), side-effect of medications, chemotherapy and stress & anxiety or it may be a symptom of an underlying ailment. Nausea can be short-lived (acute) or prolonged (chronic) which can be quite incapacitating. In general nausea is harmless, however if you experience persistent nausea you should have it checked out by your doctor to rule out any serious illness.+ Read more >

 Persistent nausea and vomiting can cause dehydration although it is less common in adults.  Children have a higher risk of becoming dehydrated because they may not be able to communicate the signs of dehydration. Addressing nausea with nausea relief supplements can be highly effective and safe. People often use the pharmaceutical drug “Gravel” whenever they experience nausea although it might be effective it also may cause some unpleasant side-effects. One of the most effective and safest natural nausea relief supplements is Ginger; it helps to control and ease nausea very quickly. Vitamin B6 may alleviate morning-sickness related nausea. The homeopathic remedy “Nux vomica 30C” can be taken to ease nausea and to soothe an upset digestive tract. Taking nausea relief supplements along with bodywork such as Acupuncture and Acupressure is very effective for easing nausea and there are no side-effects. Next time you feel queasy take all-natural nausea relief supplements from Body Energy Club online vitamin, supplements and nutrition store. Before starting any new supplements it is important to check with your doctor to make sure they are right for you, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medications.+ Read less >

  • Natural Factors Ginger Root Digestive Support

    Natural Factors Ginger Root Digestive Support

    Ginger has been known for centuries for its ability to calm the digestion (think the ginger in a dish of sushi) and it is used for dizziness, motion sickness or nausea. Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale) acts as a bitter and carminative herb. It helps stimulate digestion and also improves the tone of intestinal muscles. It also soothes upset stomachs. Ginger may protect the stomach from the damaging effect of alcohol and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (such as ibuprofen) and may help prevent ulcers. The gingerols and shogaols in the essential oil counter nausea and vomiting. According to author Daniel Mowrey: "Ginger is the perfect remedy for acute nausea if you take enough to do the job. The biggest mistake people make in trying to use ginger root is not taking enough. Ginger also reduces platelet stickiness in the blood, aiding circulation. It also exerts mild anti-inflammatory actions. In Ayurvedic medicine ginger is used to treat inflammatory joint diseases such as arthritis.


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  • Voyageur Teas Kawkawa Blend

    Voyageur Teas Kawkawa Blend

    Named for a lake in Hope, BC, this tea is a blend of thimbleberry leaves, red mountain ash berries and dark-coloured hawthorn berries.  The hawthorn berries give a boost of antioxidants to go along with this tea.


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  • Voyageur Teas Thimbleberry Blend

    Voyageur Teas Thimbleberry Blend

    The leaves and white flowers of thimbleberries are combined in this spring blend. 


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