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Kidney & Urinary Health

Kidney & Urinary Tract disorders can range from mild to life threatening health conditions. Bladder infections are a common health concern for woman. Men however because of the bigger space between their bladder and urethral opening are less likely to develop this condition. The most common symptoms associated with bladder infections include frequent urination and a burning sensation during urination. Bladder infections are not harmful and can easily be treated with kidney & urinary health supplements. + Read more >

However if bladder infections are not addressed in time the infection can spread into the kidneys and display symptoms such as intense back pain, chills, high fever, nausea and diarrhea. Kidney infections can cause damage to the kidney`s and may pose a serious health risk for you; therefore immediate medical attention is required. Allopathic treatments often involve antibiotic medication. While this type of treatment may be affective it also destroys the good bacteria in the intestines which help to fight off bad bacteria. Re-establishing a healthy microflora colony with probiotic supplements is very important for those who have been on antibiotic medications. Cranberry kidney & urinary health supplements and Vitamin C support the urinary tract and help to acidify the urine (bacteria can`t survive in an acidic environment) these supplements have been successfully used to prevent and treat kidney & urinary tract infections. Garlic, Colloidal Silver and Goldenseal supplements contain antibiotic properties. Uva Ursi kidney & urinary health supplements are useful for bladder and kidney infections. Other kidney & urinary health supplements such as dandelion, juniper, cleavers and parsley may help to increase urine flow so that the bacteria are flushed out of your urinary tract. D-Mannose is a simple sugar and it is very safe to use even for pregnant woman and children. D-Mannose kidney & urinary health supplements displaces bacteria and carries them out of the urinary tract. Also adding a high-quality multivitamin and antioxidant supplement can help to strengthen your immune system.  Make sure you drink lots of purified water and eat plenty of alkaline forming foods and avoid any type of refined and sugary food – bacteria thrive on sugar. You can support a healthier urinary tract with kidney & urinary health supplements from Body Energy Club, Canada`s leading online discount vitamin store.  Before starting any new supplements it is important to check with your doctor to make sure they are right for you, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medications.+ Read less >

  • AOR Chanca Piedra Herbal Supplements

    AOR Chanca Piedra Herbal Supplements

    Chanca Piedra is the Spanish common name for Phyllanthus niruri, and literally means "break stone." The botanical is traditionally used to support the health of the kidneys, liver, and gall bladder.


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  • AOR High Dose R-Lipoic Acid Antioxidant Supplements

    AOR High Dose R-Lipoic Acid Antioxidant Supplements

    High Dose R-Lipoic Acid provides a high dose of powerful antioxidants for the maintenance of good health. AOR’s High Dose R-Lipoic Acid provides only the natural ‘R’ form of this vital antioxidant produced in the body, unlike most alpha-lipoic acid supplements which also contain equal amounts of the synthetic, inactive ‘S’ form. *


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  • AOR Mag-K-Taurine Mineral Supplements

    AOR Mag-K-Taurine Mineral Supplements

    Mag K Taurine combines the minerals magnesium and potassium with the amino acid taurine. Magnesium and taurine each regulate the flow of ions across cellular membranes which, supports membrane stability and the normal electrical activity and functioning of the brain, blood vessels, and heart. Potassium is needed by the kidneys to regulate fluid levels and support normal blood pressure regulation.


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  • AOR UTI Cleanse with Cranberry Herbal Supplements

    AOR UTI Cleanse with Cranberry Herbal Supplements

    Urinary Tract Infections Most urinary tract infections (UTIs) are caused by a strain of E. coli which attach to and invade cells in the bladder. When bladder cells are shed, the bacteria can escape and infect new cells, creating a nasty cycle of recurring infections. The first and most crucial step of infection is the adherence of the bacteria to the wall of the urinary tract. E. coli have arm-like extensions with sticky ends that they use to latch onto their target cell. If the bacteria cannot adhere to cells, they cannot cause an infection. A Synergistic Combination D-Mannose is a simple carbohydrate that is found on cell walls. UTI-causing bacteria recognize and latch on to D-mannose, which then allows them to infect the cell. Supplemental D-Mannose acts as a molecular decoy to prevent bacteria from attaching to and infecting bladder cells. Cranberry extract, on the other hand acts by acidifying the urine and also by reducing bacterial adhesion to the urinary tract wall. Together, D-mannose and cranberry provide a superior solution for the prevention and treatment of UTIs. A Simple Solution Most UTIs are treated with antibiotics, which have negative side effects and the problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria. D-mannose and cranberry extract provide a natural, simple solution with no known side effects.


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  • Natural Factors Super Strength Cranberry Concentrate Probiotic Supplement

    Natural Factors Super Strength Cranberry Concentrate Probiotic Supplement

    Bacteria can cling to the walls of the urinary tract and multiply, causing painful, frequent urination. Research shows that cranberries contain compounds that stop bacteria from sticking, making cranberry juice a popular way to help treat and prevent infections. But you can get 3 times the antioxidant activity of cranberry juice and none of the sugar with CranRich Super Strength Cranberry Concentrate, the natural treatment for urinary tract infections. CranRich has a concentration of 36 to 1. This means that 1 gram of CranRich extract equals 36 grams of cranberries. It is made with 100 per cent natural cranberry fruit solids, without any solvents, preservatives, added sugars, water, flavourings or colour. Antioxidant value: Cranberries are high on the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale. Research is showing that high ORAC fruits and vegetables may help protect against chronic age-related conditions. There are other reasons to like cranberries. They contain vitamins A, C, B and folic acid, as well as calcium, iron and potassium. Breathing and Blood Vessels: There are also substances in cranberry that open blood vessels, and when blood vessels in the bronchial tubes are dilated, breathing is easier. Cholesterol: Cranberries contain significant amounts of flavonoids and polyphenolic compounds that inhibit low density lipoprotein oxidation, offering a natural defense against atherosclerosis. Kidney and Bladder Stones: There is some evidence that cranberry may decrease the formation of calcium oxalate urinary stones. The authors of one study suggest "cranberry juice has anti-lithogenic properties and, as such, deserves consideration as a conservative therapeutic protocol in managing calcium oxalate urolithiasis." Diuretic: Cranberries are a natural diuretic. Ulcers: A high molecular weight constituent of cranberry has been shown to inhibit the adhesion of H. pylori to human gastric mucus in vitro, suggesting cranberry may be beneficial in the prevention of peptic ulcers through the inhibition of H. pylori adhesion to gastric mucus and stomach epithelium in test tube studies.  


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  • New Roots Kidny Support Herbal Formula

    New Roots Kidny Support Herbal Formula

    Kidny Formula is a combination that cleanses and restores the renal system and is useful for clearing congestion in the prostate gland. It is a general tonic for the kidneys. Uva Ursi contains an active ingredient called arbutin which has a very important diuretic and antiseptic action, thus aiding to rid the urinary tract of infection. Uva Ursi helps to clean the kidneys and bladder, and is considered excellent in dissol ving kidney sediment such as sand, gravel and even stones. Buchu is an excellent diuretic. It acts directly in the kidney increa sing the fluids and solids of the urine. It is very useful in treating painful and burning urination, helping and soothing any infec tion of the genito-urinary system. Parsley is a mild and soothing diuretic. The presence of apiol and other flavonoids will stimulate urination and provide relief when urination is painful and incomplete. It is high in vitamin A and C. Ginger is used here to stimulate peripheral circulation and relieve abdominal cramping. Marshmallow (Althea officinalis), also known as Althea or Mallow is derived from the Greek word that means "cure". Althea is known for its mucilaginous qualities, with usage dating back to ancient Greek and Roman cultures. Known for its healing qualities for the kidneys, it is a very soothing herb, high in vitamin A, calcium, zinc and significant amounts of iron, sodium, iodine, and B complex. Like slippery elm, Althea reduces inflamma tion and has a calming effect on the body. Marshmallow has been known to relieve indigestion, kid ney problems and stones, urinary tract infections, and even external skin wounds such as boils and abscesses. Juniper Berry is a urinary anti septic and a good diuretic. It is soothing to the kidneys. ***As Uva Ursi is most effective in an alkaline urine, it is sug gested that an alkaline diet be followed when using this herbal formula.


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  • Omega Alpha Kidney Flush

    Omega Alpha Kidney Flush

    KIDNEY FLUSH FROM OMEGA ALPHA is a total kidney cleansing combination. Kidney Flush contains active hydrangea, uva ursi, and dandelion to support kidney detoxification, plus horestail grass and cornsilk to optimize overall kidney function and revitalization.


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  • Omega Nutrition Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder Supplements

    Omega Nutrition Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder Supplements

    Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder is already being considered as one of the best products among organic foods. With over 63% premium vegetarian protein by weight, PPP offers health-minded consumers a protein replacement product that is easy to digest and so naturally concentrated that 1.5 scoops offers 15 grams of complete protein.      


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  • Organika Cranberry Extract Urinary Support

    Organika Cranberry Extract Urinary Support

    Long used as a traditional way to cleanse and stop infections in the urinary tract, Cranberry has been know for its positive effects. The powder extract form has no added sugars or artificial sweeteners.


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