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Hair, Alopecia

A healthy, full, lustrous head of hair is often perceived as a sign of good health.  Losing hair can be frustrating and cause people to feel self-conscious about their appearance.  The good news is that with a proper diet and hair health supplements many of the underlying causes of hair loss can be corrected, reducing or stopping the hair loss.  Hair is constantly being renewed: we can lose up to 100 hairs everyday as new ones grow in.  When this normal re-growth doesn’t happen, hair starts to thin and eventually balding results. + Read more >

 There are many types of hair loss, with the most common one being male pattern baldness.  Women can experience a similar type of hair loss due to hormonal changes, although it is less common.  Other causes for hair loss include heredity, thyroid disorders, malnutrition, radiation exposure, medication side-effects, poor circulation, diabetes, chemotherapy, skin diseases and stress.  For men, taking saw palmetto supplements can help slow hair loss.  This is because saw palmetto has been shown to slow the conversion of testosterone into DHT, a hormone that can turn the hair follicles off.  DHT has also been linked to the development of prostate cancer and for this reason men should take saw palmetto not only as a hair health supplement but for prostate health as well.  Regardless of gender, there are certain nutrients that hair requires for healthy growth.  Collagen is a protein specifically needed by the hair for healthy growth.  Because hair is made of protein, boosting your daily protein intake with a whey protein smoothie can benefit hair growth as well as energy levels.  A biotin deficiency has been linked to hair loss in some people.  Including a highly absorbable form of Vitamin B complex as part of your hair health supplement program will not only address the biotin deficiency affecting hair growth, it will help with overall B vitamin deficiencies that can happen due to stress or the use of prescription medications. Using mineral hair health supplements containing zinc, copper and silica can stimulate hair growth and make it stronger.  Vitamin E and CoQ10 supplements help to improve circulation and blood flow to the hair, as well as the body as a whole.  Essential fatty acids will help to reduce the dryness of hair and improve its texture, in addition to providing many other health benefits to the body.  Hair loss doesn’t have to be a condition you have to learn to live with.  Be proactive with hair health supplements from Body Energy Club’s online vitamin store and start improving the health and appearance of your hair today.  Before starting any new supplements it is important to check with your doctor to make sure that they are right for you, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medications. + Read less >

  • Absorb Science Bio-Regrow Hair Health Supplements

    Absorb Science Bio-Regrow Hair Health Supplements

    Stop hair loss and regrow your hair.  Bio-regrow ia an androgenic alopecia herbal remedy that stimulates hair follicles in 100% vegetable capsules.


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  • Biosil Collagen Skin and Hair Supplements

    Biosil Collagen Skin and Hair Supplements

    - Hair · Skin · Nails - Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles - Thickens and Strengthens Hair - Strengthens Nails - Promotes Healthy Bones and Joints - Original ch-OSA Formula - Dietary Supplement Vegetarian The Breakthrough in Collagen! Collagen is essential for beautiful skin, hair and nails as well as healthy bones and joints. But starting at age 21, collagen diminishes 1% per year. By age 30, the signs become visible. For years, scientists searched for a method to give the human body the ability to regenerate its own collagen. But it took BioSil's landmark discovery of ch-OSA to make it a reality. Its capacity to generate collagen with your own DNA fingerprint makes ch-OSA the genuine breakthrough in collagen.


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  • Enerex Bamboo Silica Nutritional Supplements

    Enerex Bamboo Silica Nutritional Supplements

    Bamboo is an edible grass that has been part of the diet of mankind for thousands of years. It is also the principal food for many species of mammals. For example, bamboo is the principal food of the Indian elephant. The Indian elephant is smaller than its African cousin, but it is much stronger. The Giant Panda of China exists almost exclusively on bamboo, and its skeletal system is incredibly strong, yet very flexible. These unique properties are thought to be related in some part to the high silica content of bamboo. Bamboo extract is the richest known source of natural silica containing over 70% organic silica. This is more than 10 times the level as found in the widely used Horsetail plant (Equisetum) that contains about 5 - 7% silica. Bamboo Sil extract is prepared from Tabashir bamboo stem from India (Bambusa vulgaris). Silicon (Si) is the second most abundant element on earth after oxygen. It is a sister element of carbon. Silicon's role as an essential nutrient was not established until 1972, but silicon is now known to play a part in the integrity of the skin, ligaments, tendons and bone. The body constantly metabolizes silicic acid. Silica is eliminated through such natural processes as urination, hair loss and nail trimming. This natural secretion of silica can be from 10 to 40 mg daily. The average adult body contains about 20 grams of silica, and it is necessary for the body's silica stores to be maintained at this level to promote good health. As we age, less silica is assimilated, therefore daily supplementation with Bamboo Sil will help maintain this necessary equilibrium and to minimize the effects of premature aging. Silicon is thought to improve the cardiovascular system, as it is essential to the structural integrity, elasticity and permeability of the arteries. Silica may be useful in reducing blood fats & cholesterol. Atherosclerosis can occur as a result of silicon deficiency whereas silicon is abundant (up to 14 times more) in the arteries of people who are free of heart disease. Silicon improves the condition of the hair, nails, teeth, gums and skin and has been used to alleviate eczema and psoriasis. Silica plays an essential role in mineral absorption and may help in recalcifying decalcified bones & decalcify soft tissue deposits of calcium. Silicon enhances the function of iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and boron, and is essential for normal bone development which may help prevent osteoporosis. Silicon helps to maintain the correct calcium-magnesium balance. Silicon may be useful in strengthening the musculoskeletal system, preventing injuries and helping bones to heal in athletes & others. Silicon supplementation may retard the aging process. At birth, the body contains a maximum level of silica that declines with age. As the body's natural level of silica declines, it exhibits the signs attributable to aging such as bone loss, dry and wrinkled skin, weakened teeth and gums and hair loss. Silicon converts aluminum from both water and other dietary sources into soluble hydroxyaluminosilicates that cannot enter the bloodstream or brain. This has important consequences for preventing the development of Alzheimer's Dementia by assisting the body in eliminating aluminum. Aluminum is thought to be a causative factor in the development of Alzheimer's disease. Silicon stimulates chondroblasts to deposit chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid into the cartilage matrix. This has important implications in managing arthritis pain as silicon will improve the function and effectiveness of glucosamine sulfate which is the precursor of both chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid. Silicon may help protect against and heal gastric ulcers and arthritis (connective tissue healing). Functions of Silicon - Functions as a cross-linking agent, providing strength and resilience to collagen & elastin connective tissues. - Essential for bone & cartilage collagen synthesis present as silicic acid in mucopolysaccharides, the structural components of connective tissues. - Essential for bone calcification. - Stimulates growth. - Required for the proper functioning of the enzyme prolyhydroxylase that functions in the formation of collagen in bone, cartilage and other connective tissues. To further enhance the effectiveness of Bamboo Sil, the formula includes 200 mg of calcium citrate. Calcium absorption is enhanced by the presence of silicon, and like silicon, calcium is involved in normal bone development. Calcium also has a role to play in regulating the heartbeat, in energy production, immune function and cell membrane permeability. Like silicon, a deficiency of calcium may speed skin aging.


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  • Flora Florasil Silica Mineral Supplements

    Flora Florasil Silica Mineral Supplements

    The silica in Florasil is derived from a water extraction method that preserves silica's natural composition with bioflavonoids thus ensuring the highest bioavailability and assimilation by the body. Containing 410 mg of spring horsetail extract, which supplies 10mg of the compound mineral silica, providing 4.7 mg of the medicinal ingredient –elemental silicon. Known to improve the elasticity of skin, strength and luster of hair and nails, Silica is also an important component in bone and joint health.


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  • Hubner Body Essential Silicea Herbal Supplements

    Hubner Body Essential Silicea Herbal Supplements

    Body Essential silicea gel provides silica in its purest, most potent form. Silica gives strength and support to all connective tissue, tendons and ligaments, skin, hair and nails. Silica supports the absorption of calcium in the human body. Body Essential silicea is a dietary colloidal preparation of natural silica in which microscopic particles of silica are so finely dispersed in water that a gel is formed. This makes Body Essential silicea uniquely easy to absorb. Silica (Silicea) gives structure to all living things throughout the plant and animal kingdoms. It is essential to the human body, it is found in lungs, intestines and blood. An aqueous compound of oxygen and silicon - silica is a natural elemental substance. It's nature's building block.  


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  • Lorna Vanderhaeghe Active Collagen™ Supplements

    Lorna Vanderhaeghe Active Collagen™ Supplements

    Lorna Vanderhaeghe Active Collagen was created based on clinical research that showed after 28 days, taking 2000mg of Active Collagen per day significantly reduced the number of deep wrinkles and improved the moisture content of the skin.


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  • Lorna Vanderhaeghe Ironsmart™ Mineral Supplements

    Lorna Vanderhaeghe Ironsmart™ Mineral Supplements

    IronSmart formulated by Lorna Vanderhaeghe is a great tatsing caramel iron supplement that assists women with fatigue, peeling nails, fertility hair loss and more! Ironsmart with Lipofer™ delivers iron in a liposomal complex (picture the iron in a protective bubble). You can take Ironsmart with Lipofer™ by itself or with food, which is unique as most iron supplements must be taken alone to avoid the other nutrients that significantly reduce iron absorbability.


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  • Medelys Supreme Collagen Nutritional Supplements

    Medelys Supreme Collagen Nutritional Supplements

    Supreme Collagen's Professional Line is a molecular complex of hydrolysed collagen, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate and methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM). Helps soothe articular pain and maintain healthy joints, bones, skin and connective tissues.


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  • Mitsuwa Collagen Pure Hydrolyzed Powder Supplement

    Mitsuwa Collagen Pure Hydrolyzed Powder Supplement

    Aging, sun exposure, pollution, poor health, and lifestyle habits are all capable of hindering collagen production. With advanced Japanese technology, North Americans can achieve beautiful looking skin with Collagen Pure – a premium ingestible form of hydrolyzed collagen that is tasteless, odourless and easy to absorb. Importance of Collagen Collagen is an important connective tissue protein found in our body (skin, muscles, and joints), accounting for 25-35% of the whole-body protein content. Collagen begins to degrade around the age of 25, giving way to fine lines and wrinkles as skin loses its firmness, elasticity and ability to retain moisture. The breakdown of collagen fibres in the skin also causes cellulite, allowing fatty tissues to push upward through the gaps to create the dreaded dimpling of the skin. Other connective tissues such as tendons, ligaments, and cartilage begin to wear down as collagen levels deplete.


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