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While many people never give something as simple as using the toilet much thought, for those that suffer from constipation this simple routine can often be painful. Although constipation is not actually a disease, it can be linked to other health problems because it means that toxins are not being efficiently eliminated from your body. Fortunately most cases of constipation can be addressed by diet and lifestyle changes and the use of constipation supplements. + Read more >

Use of conventional laxatives may address the constipation in the short term, but even laxatives made from natural sources can cause the body to become dependant on them for bowel movements. The safest laxative products to use are bulk forming products. These constipation supplements include fibre supplements and flax seeds to help increase the bulk and water content of the stool. It is important to balance any bulk-forming constipation supplements with sufficient fluids. As often as possible, this fluid should be in the form of 8 glasses of water a day. Drinks containing caffeine and alcohol should be limited as these are dehydrating and draw water out of the bowels, making stool hard. For stool that is hard, the natural constipation supplement alternative to pharmaceutical softeners are high quality, cold pressed essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids contribute to the overall health of the intestinal cells as well as having numerous other health benefits for the body as a whole. Vitamin B complex supplements are essential for the digestive and nervous system and should be part of every daily supplement program. It is also important to promote beneficial bacteria in the gut and this can be accomplished by using probiotics regularly. Not only do probiotics restore the levels of beneficial bacteria in the gut but they also help in proper digestion of food. The use of digestive enzymes will also aid in the digestion of food and help prevent constipation. Magnesium is needed for normal muscle function including intestinal muscles, and a deficiency in magnesium can contribute to constipation. Magnesium has the added benefit of helping to protect the health of your bones as well. In addition to taking natural constipation supplements, it is important to eat a whole-foods diet that is high in fibre and exercise regularly. Avoiding refined white flour and allergenic foods can also help you avoid constipation. To help clear the colon in cases of long-term constipation it can be helpful to use a cleansing and detoxification program. This will help cleanse the colon and rid the body of all the toxins that have built up over time, allowing constipation supplements to help maintain the health of your colon more easily. Whether you are looking for constipation supplements to treat temporary constipation or a more long-term solution that includes detox and cleansing, Body Energy Club has the vitamins and supplements you need at Canada’s best online prices. Before starting any new supplements it is important to check with your doctor to make sure they are right for you, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medications.+ Read less >

  • AOR Advanced Biotics Probiotic Supplements

    AOR Advanced Biotics Probiotic Supplements

    Probiotics are live microorganisms that promote a balanced intestinal microflora and a healthy gastrointestinal tract. AOR's Advanced Biotics formula contains a blend of seven clinically tested probiotic strains that possess antimicrobial, immunomodulatory, anticarcinogenic, antidiarrheal and antiallergenic properties.


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  • AOR Saccharomyces Boulardii Probiotic Nutritional Supplements

    AOR Saccharomyces Boulardii Probiotic Nutritional Supplements

    Saccharomyces boulardii is a non-pathogenic yeast. Studies have shown that saccharomyces boulardii is effective against intestinal complications induced by antibiotics and clostridium difficile, such as diarrhea and other forms of intestinal discomfort.


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  • AOR Solu-Fibre Prebiotic Nutritional Supplements

    AOR Solu-Fibre Prebiotic Nutritional Supplements

    Fibersol-2 is a prebiotic soluble fibre. Such fibre has been found to help regulate glucose metabolism, lower plasma cholesterol levels and blood pressure, reduce luminal pH, stimulate the immune system, and promote the growth of beneficial gastrointestinal flora. Fibers are an important part of a healthy diet. Dietary fiber, also known as nonstarch polysaccharide, refers to substances found in plants that are not digestible by the enzymes of the human gastrointestinal tract. It is an important part of a healthy diet, with effects on the gastrointestinal and cardiovascular system, as well as others. The current recommendation for fiber intake is 35 to 30 g per day. However, the average daily intake of fiber in the US and many other Western countries only reaches about half this amount, around 15 g/day.


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  • Lorna Vanderhaeghe Magnesium Bisglycinate™ Mineral Supplements

    Lorna Vanderhaeghe Magnesium Bisglycinate™ Mineral Supplements

    Lorna Vanderhaeghe Magnesium Bisglycinate is based on a variety of key ingredients, of which the main one magnesium is an abundant mineral in the body that is necessary for many organs and tissues to function properly. Many ingredients make up this great product. Here are a few notable conditions that magnesium has been shown to help with:


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  • Lorna Vanderhaeghe Magsmart™ Magnesium Powder

    Lorna Vanderhaeghe Magsmart™ Magnesium Powder

    Magnesium is an abundant mineral in the body that is necessary for many organs and tissues to function properly. Its deficiency has been implicated in cardiovascular disease, behavioural problems, diabetes, chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, muscular complaints, osteoporosis, and premenstrual syndrome. Studies indicate that a significant number of North Americans fail to meet the recommended daily intake of magnesium.


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  • Natural Calm Magnesium Citrate Powder

    Natural Calm Magnesium Citrate Powder

    Natural Calm Canada's Magnesium Citrate Powder features a proprietary formula that provides the most absorbable, effective, fast-acting magnesium available anywhere. It is 100% natural water-soluble magnesium in Ionic form (having molecular charge that allows the element to easily bond with water) which handles excess calcium in the body and can relieve many symptoms of magnesium depletion.


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  • Natural Factors Chia Factors Omega Fiber Supplement

    Natural Factors Chia Factors Omega Fiber Supplement

    With today's hectic lifestyles and high demands, eating nutrition-rich, natural whole foods can be a challenge. Naturally delicious and nutritious chia seeds supply whole food nutrition to anyone's diet. Chia is known as a super food and is one of nature's most perfect food. Chia seeds contain highly concentrated amounts of essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, a vegetarian source of protein, dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Chia seeds supply all of the essential amino acids in sufficient quantities for growth, and for building and maintaining skin, muscles, brain and hair. Protein is also needed to make enzymes, hormones and antibodies. Chia seeds are high in fibre, containing 40% or more dietary fibre. Just 2 tablespoons of ChiaFactors provides approximately 10 g of fibre, equivalent to 40% of the minimum amount recognized for good health. A diet rich in fibre will help to curb your appetite, balance blood glucose levels, prevent constipation, improve gastrointestinal health and reduces the risk of coronary heart disease.


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  • Natural Factors Magnesium Citrate

    Natural Factors Magnesium Citrate

    Magnesium is vital to hundreds of enzyme reactions and has more health benefits attributed to it than any other mineral including calcium. Magnesium, along with calcium, is a shock-absorber, helping to prevent the body from experiencing excessive stress. Magnesium is an important electrolyte which helps the absorption of calcium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium. Magnesium is required for the B vitamins to work properly and is absolutely necessary for the utilization of thiamine. Magnesium is necessary for growth and development, wound healing, immune system function, temperature regulation and many activities of the brain and nervous system. Shaky hands, nervousness, muscle spasms, irregular or rapid heartbeat, all respond favourably to magnesium.


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  • North Coast Naturals Ultimate Daily Cleanse Fibre 1000g

    North Coast Naturals Ultimate Daily Cleanse Fibre 1000g

    Ultimate Daily Cleanse is all-natural. It's the most complete fibre formula that also provides healthy probiotics, the good bacteria for good digestive health. Featuring 5 whole food fibres and probiotics, Ultimate Daily Cleanse is perfect for cleansing or dieting! Mix with hot cereal, cold cereal or yogurt; mix with your smoothie or protein shake; or simply swirl it around in your morning juice and enjoy. Features & Benefits The RIGHT AMOUNT of fibre The RIGHT KINDS of fibre Plus EFAs for GENTLER CLEANSING Helps eliminate food waste DAILY, PROPERLY, GENTLY And fortified WITH PREBIOTICS & PROBIOTICS for an even healthier digestive system Soy free, dairy free, wheat gluten free


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