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Health Conditions

At some point in life all of us will face a health concern that needs to be addressed. Some of these health concerns may need the care of a medical doctor or other qualified health practitioner for diagnosis and to help formulate a treatment plan. While there are times that conventional medicine and prescription medications are necessary, there are always natural health supplements that can help support the body’s natural disease-fighting mechanisms. Natural health supplements can be used to boost the immune system to help fight viruses, bacteria or autoimmune diseases. + Read more >

In the case of arthritis or injuries, natural health supplements can help to fight inflammation and heal damaged tissue. Being pro-active and taking steps to prevent diseases that we may be at risk for because of family history or lifestyle choices is increasingly the first choice for many people. Natural health supplements that help protect and optimize the cardiovascular system can help to prevent heart attacks and stroke. Using natural health supplements that have been shown to maintain brain health and memory can help to protect against the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Whether your health concern is chronic or acute, there are natural health supplements that can provide nutritional support for your body. Body Energy Club’s large selection of online vitamin and supplements gives you ability to customize your natural health supplements to your specific health condition at unbeatable online prices.+ Read less >

More Health Conditions Categories


Acne is a common human skin complaint that affects most people at some point in their life. It is most common during the teenage years and premenstrually because of the hormonal changes, including increased male hormones or increased progesterone, which leads to the increased production of oil that clogs the skins pores. For some people it can continue on into adulthood, while for others it can appear as adult-onset acne even if it was never a huge problem during their teenage years.+ Read less >

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Attention deficit disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders are becoming a common diagnosis for children who exhibit hard-to-handle behaviour. Many of these children are placed on prescription medication as a way to control this behaviour, however these medications are not without significant side-effects. The symptoms of ADD fall under three main categories: Inattention, Impulsivity and Hyperactivity but not all children with ADD will experience symptoms from all categories. + Read more >

A diagnosis is made when symptoms are observed for a minimum of 6 months, are severe enough to cause significant difficulties, and are present in more than one setting. At least some of the symptoms must present before the age of 7 and children must have at least 6 symptoms in the inattentive OR hyperactive categories to be diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD. Helping children manage these conditions when they are young is especially important because studies have shown that without intervention at a young age, problems can continue on into adulthood and lead to a higher incidence of depression, alcoholism, criminal behaviour and difficulty with social and personal relationships. For some people it is these issues that lead to an eventual diagnosis of ADD or ADHD as adults. It is important for anyone with ADD or ADHD to stay away from junk food and eat a well-balanced diet however for children with ADD/ADHD in particular, this can be very difficult. Nutritional deficits can be a major cause of the inability of people with ADD or ADHD to focus but fortunately with high quality ADD/ADHD supplements these nutritional deficiencies can be addressed naturally. A high quality multivitamin that is free of added sugars and dyes is important to help supplement the diet of picky eaters. Other ADD/ADHD supplements that are beneficial include B vitamins, magnesium and essential fatty acids since kids with ADD/ADHD need more of these vitamins than other kids to help them focus. Balancing the blood sugar through a proper diet is also an important part of managing ADD/ADHD. This means eating a nutritious breakfast that contains protein to help prevent the mid-morning crash and providing snacks and meals that contain fruit, vegetables, healthy fats, and nuts and seeds if possible. Look for ADD/ADHD supplements that are organic and contain no added sugars or dyes to provide the best nutrition possible for children or adults with ADD/ADHD. Managing ADD/ADHD naturally is possible with Body Energy Club’s large selection of ADD/ADHD supplements at Canada’s best online prices. Before starting any new supplements it is important to check with your doctor to make sure they are right for you, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medications

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An allergy is an exaggerated immune system response to a perceived threat and can be to any substance. The most common allergens are pollen, dust, animal hair and dander, insect bites, grasses, cleaning products, metal in costume jewellery, mould and fungus. Sneezing, red, itchy and watering eyes, nasal congestion, headaches, fatigue, dark circles under the eyes and wheezing are an annual occurrence for the millions of people who suffer from seasonal allergies that arrive with the warmer spring weather each year. + Read less >

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Alzheimer’s is a progressive brain disease that is the most common form of dementia. Although it primarily occurs in people over the age of 65, it is not considered a disease of old age since the decline in cognitive and mental function go far beyond “normal” cognitive decline associated with old age, and can appear as early as the 40’s or 50’s. + Read less >

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Anti Aging

All cells in the human body have a limited capacity to divide over the course of our lives, and as they approach that limit, the process that we know as aging shows in our bodies. External factors such as smoking, stress, chronic inflammation and pollution all play a part in the speed with which the aging process takes place, making it important to limit our exposure to external toxins as much as possible. Cell damage is caused by free radicals that result from exposure to these external toxins.+ Read less >

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Osteoarthritis is a chronic disease of the joints that usually starts after the age of 40 and has a gradual onset. The joints deteriorate because of faulty or deficient repair of bone and cartilage in the joint. The average diet in North America is lacking in the minerals that support the repair of bone and cartilage, which helps explain why osteoarthritis is concern for so many people. Osteoarthritis causes stiffness and pain when the joint is used and is often worse in the mornings. As the disease progresses, it can also cause inflammation and swelling in the joints, decreasing the ability to exercise and maintain your mobility. + Read less >

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Autoimmune Disorders

The immune system is the body’s defender against invading viruses, bacteria, infection, toxins, allergens and stress responses. Autoimmune diseases occur when the body loses the ability to tell the difference between your own cells and invaders and attacks the body’s own tissues. Autoimmune diseases can result in changes in organ function, the destruction of certain types of body tissues or the abnormal growth of an organ. + Read less >

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Back Pain

Back injuries and the resulting pain are a common complaint and although not life threatening, can be debilitating. It is frequently treated with pharmaceutical NSAIDS, muscle relaxers and pain killers, all of which often have significant side effects. Back pain sufferers are increasingly turning to natural back pain supplements to treat the chronic inflammation and pain that is often part of living with a back injury to avoid these side effects. + Read less >

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Bacterial Infections

We are exposed to millions of bacteria every day that colonize every surface of our environment and while we tend to think of bacteria as being harmful, there are beneficial ones as well.  Bacteria are also present inside our bodies, in our respiratory, digestive and genitourinary tracts.  Harmful bacteria can cause a wide range of illnesses ranging from skin infections and gastrointestinal illnesses to life-threatening illnesses. + Read less >

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Blood Sugar Support

Diabetes is a growing epidemic in North American with far-reaching health consequences when it is not adequately controlled.  Providing your body with proper blood sugar support can help protect you from developing diabetes in the first place.  There are effective blood sugar support supplements that can be used in combination with lifestyle adjustments that can help achieve this.  One of the most important blood sugar support supplements is a Vitamin B complex.+ Read less >

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Bone & Osteoporosis

An adult human has 206 bones and although we think of bones as a solid mineral block, most bone is actually an organic frame that is constantly being renewed and remodelled.  Bones form the frame that supports the body, giving muscles attachment points and helping create motion.  They also provide important protection for the internal organs.  The health of the bones is influenced by diet, calcium intake, thyroid disorders, and heredity to name a few. + Read less >

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Brain & Cognitive Function

Our brains are very complex organs and are responsible for keeping the entire body functioning.  The brain is constantly receiving sensory information from the body, processing the information and then responding accordingly, whether it is a motor response or an autonomic function.  The brain receives, assesses and responds to multiple information sources simultaneously without us ever being aware of the complex processes taking place. + Read less >

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Breast Health

Breast health is an important concern for many women and is based on the idea that there are decisions that women can make that can help keep their breasts healthy.  This is particularly important since more women get breast cancer than almost any other type of cancer.  There are many factors that influence breast health including diet, exposure to toxins from the environment, stress, smoking, use of oral contraceptives or HRT, and family history.  Healthy decisions related to diet, fitness, lifestyle and use of breast health supplements are just some of the choices that can affect breast health.+ Read less >

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Cancer Prevention

There are many factors that contribute to whether we develop cancer or not, and while some like family history are pre-determined, there are many others that we can control. All cells in the body are constantly replicating and growing. Cancer occurs when there is damage to the DNA of the cells, causing abnormal cells to form, replicate and grow. This damage to the genetic material in the cells is usually caused by free radicals. While it was thought for many years that genetics was + Read less >

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Candida and parasites supplements are highly effective in combating both parasite infestations and candida overgrowth. Parasites are typically transmitted by consuming tainted food, undercooked meat and raw fish, contaminated water, poor hygiene or coming into contact with an infected person or animal. Candida is another form of parasite. One of the major causes of Candida (yeast overgrowth) is triggered by altered micro flora due to overuse of antibiotics and other pharmaceutical medications. + Read less >

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Children's Health

Children have a seemingly endless supply of energy.  Keeping that energy level up requires proper nutrition, plenty of sleep and good hydration.  In spite of our best efforts as parents, this doesn’t always happen.  Children can be notoriously picky eaters, making it difficult to ensure that they are getting all the vitamins and nutrients they need from diet alone.  It is not only their bodies that are growing and developing, but their immune systems as well.  Making sure their immune systems are able to withstand the exposure to viruses and bacteria they come in contact with on a daily basis is important. + Read less >

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Cholesterol Support

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in North America and high cholesterol is a contributing factor in heart disease.  Although controlling high cholesterol can be difficult, many people succeed with the right combination of cholesterol supplements and changes in diet.  In order to reduce the risk of developing high cholesterol levels and heart disease, it is important to incorporate lifestyle changes into any prevention plan. + Read less >

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Detox & cleansing vitamins and supplements assist the body's purification process via the liver, kidney and colon. People are exposed to exogenous toxins, pollutants that are made outside of the body, and endogenous toxins, pollutants that are created inside the body on a daily basis. Toxicity is of a much greater concern in today's modern world than ever before. We are bombarded with toxins daily. Spring is the ideal time to do a detox program. Accumulated toxins are the reason for all health related conditions. + Read less >

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Colds, Flu & Viral

Colds and the flu are a part of life that is inescapable but that doesn’t mean that we can’t take preventive steps to protect ourselves from these viruses.  Colds and flu can also be treated effectively with natural remedies if you do contract them and become sick.  Colds and flu are caused by viruses that are found everywhere in our environment.  We can catch them when we shake hands, touch door and shopping cart handles, handle money, use PIN pads in stores or from moisture particles in the air. + Read less >

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Colon Health

A healthy colon is essential to good health and keeping the body in peak physical condition. Healthy lifestyle choices that include whole foods, regular exercise, drinking plenty of water all help to improve the health of the colon. In addition to this, using colon health supplements to treat specific colon concerns can help you achieve optimal colon health, leading to a healthier body. When the colon is not functioning as efficiently as it should, toxins can build up and be reabsorbed into the body causing fatigue, bloating, gas and even depression.+ Read less >

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While many people never give something as simple as using the toilet much thought, for those that suffer from constipation this simple routine can often be painful. Although constipation is not actually a disease, it can be linked to other health problems because it means that toxins are not being efficiently eliminated from your body. Fortunately most cases of constipation can be addressed by diet and lifestyle changes and the use of constipation supplements. + Read less >

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Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can affect anyone at any stage of their life.  There are very few of us that have not suffered with, or known someone who has suffered with depression or anxiety at some time in our lives.  Depression and anxiety can go hand in hand for some people, while others have difficulty with one or the other.  Regardless of which situation applies to you, there are several choices of natural depression and anxiety supplements that can help you manage your condition. + Read less >

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Diabetes is a growing epidemic in North America and is placing a major strain on our health care system.  Poor eating habits that have led to increased obesity rates and an aging population are two of the main causes of the increased incidence of diabetes.  Fortunately there are ways to manage and treat diabetes by making healthy food choices and using diabetes supplements for those who wish to use the natural approach.  One of the biggest changes is dietary.+ Read less >

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Maintaining the health of the colon and small intestine is essential for optimum health.  A healthy colon and intestine allows for proper digestion of food and absorption of nutrients that the body needs for healthy functioning.  There are many causes of diarrhea, and although most of them are not an indication of a serious health issue, it is important to rule this out if it is an ongoing problem.  Diarrhea can be caused by viruses, food sensitivities, medication side-effects, exposure to bacteria or parasites when travelling, or more serious health concerns such as IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis, Celiac or Diverticulitis. + Read less >

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Diet, Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a slow and sometimes frustrating process but the resulting improvement in physical and emotional health makes the effort worth it.  Changing your eating habits and incorporating exercise into your daily routine are two of the main tools to losing weight and keeping it off.  Changes to diet include reducing the amount of sugar and processed foods we eat, increasing fruits, vegetables and other whole foods, drinking plenty of water, and portion control at mealtime.  For those times when we waver on dietary control, there are effective diet and weight loss supplements that can help control out appetite. + Read less >

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Digestion, Stomach

Having a healthy digestive system is the key to good health, energy and vitality. A healthy digestive system allows our bodies to take full advantage of the nutrients in our food. Problems arise when our digestive system isn’t able to function at its optimal levels to draw these important nutrients out of our food to use in our bodies. There are many factors that contribute to a stressed digestive system including eating processed foods, the use of medications such as antibiotics or steroids, too much or too little stomach acid, or the lack of enzymes in the foods we’re eating. + Read less >

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Ear Health

Ear infections are painful and often recurrent in childhood, although they can occur at any stage of life.  There are two distinct types of ear infections: otitis media which is a middle ear infection and is most common in childhood, and otitis externa, which is also known as swimmer’s ear.  Middle ear infections are most commonly caused by viral or bacterial infections and allergies, most commonly to milk.  In children the Eustachian tube is still developing and is often in a more horizontal rather than vertical position, preventing fluid from draining fluid around the middle ear efficiently.  Swimmer’s ear results when water or other substances get trapped in the ear canal and provide a breeding ground for bacteria. + Read less >

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Energy, Fatigue

Fatigue or a lack of energy is a common complaint for many people.  For some people it is transient and can be attributed to lack of sleep, a hectic lifestyle or stress.  For others, it is a result of an underlying medical condition and its effects are more prolonged.  For those who don’t have another underlying medical condition and have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, it is a daily struggle with persistent and disabling fatigue that interferes with every aspect of life.  No matter which group you fall into, fatigue and energy supplements are available that can help improve your overall sense of well-being and increase energy levels. + Read less >

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Eye & Vision Care

The eyes are one of the most important sensory organs in the body, containing up to 70% of the body’s sensory receptors. Diseases of the eye are more common as we age and left untreated can lead to permanent loss of vision. Fortunately there are eye health supplements that have been shown to help reduce the occurrence of these eye diseases.+ Read less >

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Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that leaves people feeling tired and depressed from living with constant pain in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fibrous tissues in the body.  There are specific tender points associated with fibromyalgia particularly in the neck, shoulders, upper back, upper chest, elbows, low back, hips, and thighs that are used to help diagnose it.  Other symptoms of fibromyalgia can include anxiety, bowel problems, muscle spasms and poor quality sleep.  For many fibromyalgia patients the road to diagnosis is long and frustrating.+ Read less >

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Celiac disease is a condition that damages the lining of the small intestine and is the result of the body’s inability to digest protein from wheat and other grains.  When someone with Celiac eats gluten, an immune response is triggered in the body that damages the villi in the intestine, preventing nutrients from being absorbed causing malnourishment.  Other symptoms associated with Celiac disease include diarrhea, bloating, vomiting, anemia, skin rashes, weight loss, bone pain, mood swings and infertility. + Read less >

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Gout is an inflammation of the joints caused by the build-up of excess uric acid in the body.  It is characterized by joint pain, redness, swelling and heat in the affected area.  It often affects the big toe, but it can also occur in the thumb, elbow or knee and can last anywhere from days to weeks.  It happens suddenly and will reoccur as long as the uric acid levels remain high in the body.  Conventional treatment of gout includes medication like Allopurinol or Colchicine to reduce the uric acid levels in the body and anti-inflammatory medications to reduce the pain and swelling.  While these medications are helpful, there can be serious side-effects to their use.+ Read less >

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Hair, Alopecia

A healthy, full, lustrous head of hair is often perceived as a sign of good health.  Losing hair can be frustrating and cause people to feel self-conscious about their appearance.  The good news is that with a proper diet and hair health supplements many of the underlying causes of hair loss can be corrected, reducing or stopping the hair loss.  Hair is constantly being renewed: we can lose up to 100 hairs everyday as new ones grow in.  When this normal re-growth doesn’t happen, hair starts to thin and eventually balding results. + Read less >

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Chances are high you have had a least one headache in your life and for many people, headaches are a regular event in their lives.  Headaches happen for a variety of reasons with the origins being emotional, physical, mental, or a combination of all three.  Isolating the underlying cause of the headaches will allow you to choose the best natural headache supplements to manage your headaches.  For immediate pain relief when a headache strikes, there are several headaches supplements to turn to.+ Read less >

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Heart & Circulatory Health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in North America but fortunately there are many contributing factors that are within our control. Even with a family history of heart disease, choosing a healthy lifestyle and taking heart health supplements can help to lower the odds of getting heart disease. Some of the most important influences on the health of the heart and circulatory system are obesity, poor diet, smoking, lack of exercise and uncontrolled stress. There are also medications, including some used to treat heart disease like diuretics and cholesterol lowering medications that deplete the body of nutrients that are needed to support the health of the heart. + Read less >

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Heartburn is caused by the backup of stomach acid into the esophagus.  For some people it is an occasional irritation, but for people with GERD it can very painful and is a chronic, daily annoyance.  The tissues in the esophagus become irritated by and sensitive to the stomach acid causing burning and pain, ulcers and left untreated may eventually cause cancerous cell changes in the esophagus. + Read less >

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Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver caused by a group of viruses including A, B, C, D, E and G. Regardless of the cause and type of hepatitis, it is important to provide adequate support to the liver with hepatitis supplements since the health of the liver impacts the health of the body as a whole. Travellers to tropical destinations and Third World countries are most at risk for Hepatitis A as it is caused by contaminated water and food, something we don’t have to worry about in North America. Hepatitis A can make affected person feel quite sick, but usually resolves within a month or two and isn’t fatal or cause chronic problems. Infection with Hepatitis B – G is spread through sexual contact or contaminated blood and blood products. + Read less >

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Herpes/Cold Sores

Cold sores are the result of infection with the highly contagious herpes simplex virus.  It is usually contracted in childhood through skin contact and then lies dormant until something triggers it.  Individual triggers vary but can include a weak immune system due to infection, hormonal changes, exposure to sun, wind or cold, food allergies or stress.  Herpes and cold sore supplements that help the body combat stress taken along with antiviral supplements can help reduce the severity and frequency of outbreaks.  Vitamin B complex is useful for fighting stress and supports healthy nervous and immune system functioning.  Vitamin C also supports healthy immune system function and when taken at the first signs of an outbreak can help prevent blisters from forming.+ Read less >

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HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that attacks the immune system from inside.  This leaves the immune system weakened and the affected person is more vulnerable to other infections.  AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is the result when a person infected with HIV becomes sick with another life-threatening infection.  Research has shown that using natural methods of strengthening and balancing the immune system along taking conventional medications can help people live with HIV as a chronic illness without actually developing AIDS.  Many of the HIV/AIDS medications, although necessary, have significant side effects.  Fortunately there are natural HIV/AIDS supplements that can help deal with the symptoms of the disease as well as the side effects of the treatment. + Read less >

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Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is known as the silent killer because there are often no symptoms initially and people don’t know that they have it until there is already damage to the body.  Fortunately there are many factors that contribute to hypertension that we can control naturally which will lower the risk of damage to the body and reduce the need for conventional medications as treatment for high blood pressure.  Changing your diet, losing weight, exercising daily and taking hypertension supplements can help to lower blood pressure naturally and eliminate the need for medications.  Diet is one of the biggest contributing factors in developing hypertension.  The average North American diet contains too much fat, processed food and refined flour and sugar. + Read less >

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Immune Support

The human body is constantly being attacked by harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi and in order to protect it from these invaders it employs a defense system also known as the “Immune system”. The Immune system is very complex but yet fascinating at the same time.  Its job is to maintain homeostasis by destroying and shielding our body against harmful pathogens. The Immune system is made up of white blood cells and the chemicals that they produce.  The white blood cells are the body’s first line of defense. + Read less >

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Impotence/Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence or Erectile dysfunction is the disability to achieve or maintain an erection adequate for normal, satisfying sexual intercourse. A number of different causes can lead to impotence, erectile function they are either be of physical or psychological nature and no matter what the cause may be it is an issue that has to be resolved. Impotence is a common health concern that affects approximately 20 million men in North America alone. While some men may experience an isolated incident others may suffer from chronic or recurring impotence, erectile dysfunction.+ Read less >

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Inflammation is a naturally occurring process that in general takes place in the vascular tissues.  Inflammation is the body’s second line of defense; it inhibits the spread of injury, destroys pathogens such as bacteria, fungus and viruses and helps the body to heal when injured. It is typically characterized by swelling – build-up of fluids; redness and heat – due to increased blood flow; pain – due to release of chemicals that stimulate nerve endings and  loss of function  - has a number of causes.+ Read less >

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS)

Inflammatory Bowel Disease or IBS is a functional disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, meaning there is no evidence of structural defect or abnormalities. Therefore it is difficult to diagnose and treat which can be quite frustrating for those who suffer from this condition. While some professionals believe that virus or bacterial infections may be the source of IBS however the cause is not yet known.  IBS has been linked to a poor diet high in processed foods and low in fiber, poor stress management, Candida overgrowth and other parasite infections and food allergies. In people with IBS the normal and regular movement of the intestinal tract becomes irregular and uncoordinated. + Read less >

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Injuries, Burns

We all have experienced some kind of injury at one point in our lives, especially children and active people are more prone to develop injuries than those who lead an inactive lifestyle. Minor injuries such as cuts, bruises, sprains, strains and torn muscles will in general heal by themselves. Whereas fractures and torn ligaments may require medical attention and the affected joint may be placed in a cast for several weeks depending on the degree of the injury.  First Aid treatment for any kind of injury of the musculoskeletal system involves Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation also known as “R.I.C.E”. + Read less >

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Insomnia & Sleep

Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which a person either is unable to fall asleep or wake-up during the night and being unable to go back to sleep. Regular good-quality sleep is important to keep your mind and body functioning properly. Unfortunately too many people, children and adults, experience insomnia at one point in their lives. Insomnia is caused by stress, worry & anxiety, aging, use of stimulants (caffeine, alcohol and certain supplements), excessive sugar intake, calcium & magnesium deficiency, use of certain medications, medical conditions & pain, sedentary lifestyle and irregular sleep patterns. + Read less >

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Joints, Ligaments

Joint & Ligament pain is a condition that can be caused by an injury or an inflammation of joints mostly due to ‘wear and tear’. Arthritis is a common degenerative joint ailment associated with swelling and discomfort of the joints that can vary between mild to severe. While in general elderly people are mostly affected by this condition but it can occur at any age. There are mainly two types of arthritis which are ‘Osteoarthritis’ and ‘Rheumatoid Arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a deterioration of the articular cartilage caused by ‘wear and tear’ and it affects mainly the hands, knees, hips and joints.+ Read less >

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Kidney & Urinary Health

Kidney & Urinary Tract disorders can range from mild to life threatening health conditions. Bladder infections are a common health concern for woman. Men however because of the bigger space between their bladder and urethral opening are less likely to develop this condition. The most common symptoms associated with bladder infections include frequent urination and a burning sensation during urination. Bladder infections are not harmful and can easily be treated with kidney & urinary health supplements. + Read less >

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Liver Health

The liver is the largest internal organ and it is located under the diaphragm. It is one of the body’s most essential organs and is responsible for a number of metabolic and regulatory functions. The liver filters and detoxifies the toxins from the blood. Furthermore the liver is involved in the metabolism of all foods; it produces bile, which is essential for the breakdown of fats. Other functions of the liver include the break-down and regulation of hormones, regulation of blood sugar, fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism and it harmonizes stomach acid, which is important for a healthy digestive system. Sadly, the liver is the most neglected organ.+ Read less >

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Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration is a gradual degeneration of the macula – the portion of the retina that is the focal point of our vision. It is the second most frequent cause of optical impairment in people 65 years and older. Tobacco smoking and cardiovascular conditions such as high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis, environmental toxins as well as exposure to UV lights are linked to deterioration of the macula.  There are two types of age related macular degeneration atrophic (dry) and neovascular (wet). Of these - atrophic is the more common one of the two types. + Read less >

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Men's Health

The male body has different nutritional requirements from their female counterparts; this is why Body Energy Club offers a wide selection of men’s health supplements specifically designed for the male body. While some health conditions affect both men and woman - men are prone to certain gender specific health conditions. Some of the most common health concerns that affect man are: erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer and other prostate disorders, colon cancer and cardiovascular disease. Vitality, strength and a healthy libido are very important topics for most men. + Read less >

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Menopause is the time at which a woman stops menstruating due to a decline in ovarian function. In general woman experience menopause at approximately age 50, however it can happen at a much earlier age than that. Early onset of menopause can be caused by an eating disorder, excessive physical training, extremely low body fat, ovarian disease, adrenal disorder and hysterectomy. Most woman produce a number of symptoms which are caused by hormonal changes. Some woman experience mild symptoms or hardly at all, while others experience symptoms like hot flashes, anxiety, night sweats, depression, mood swings, decreased libido, frequent urination and insomnia. + Read less >

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Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a health condition that involves gradual progressive loss of the myelin sheath that covers nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord. In a person with MS the nerves are damaged and scarred which results in numerous neurological symptoms. While MS can occur at any age it generally starts between the ages 20-40 and seems to affect women more than men. Multiple Sclerosis happens in cycles of remission and relapses and symptoms may show-up one-by-one at first, followed by two or more symptoms.  Multiple sclerosis is believed to be an autoimmune - disorders but it has not yet been proven. Other factors may include food allergies, oxidative damage, chronic viral or bacterial infection, chronic stress, malnutrition, heavy metal toxicity and exposure to environmental toxins.+ Read less >

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Nail Health

The appearance and health of your nails are an indication of what is going on inside the body. Any kind if change in shape or color may be a sign of an illness somewhere else in the body as well as nutritional deficiencies. Healthy nails are strong, smooth - without ridges and grooves and persistent in color. It is important to eat a healthy whole foods diet that provides essential nutrients for strong healthy nails. Dry and brittle nails may be the result of a vitamin or mineral or protein deficiency.  For example spoon shaped nail/s indicates that you may have anemia or B12 and/or iron deficiency, white mark could mean that you are deficient in either calcium or magnesium. + Read less >

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Nausea Relief

Nausea is the feeling of discomfort in the stomach with an impulse to vomit. Nausea can be caused by a number of physical and psychological factors including food poisoning, influenza, inner ear infection, motion sickness, morning sickness (pregnancy), side-effect of medications, chemotherapy and stress & anxiety or it may be a symptom of an underlying ailment. Nausea can be short-lived (acute) or prolonged (chronic) which can be quite incapacitating. In general nausea is harmless, however if you experience persistent nausea you should have it checked out by your doctor to rule out any serious illness.+ Read less >

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Oral, Dental Care

Exercising good oral and dental care is important for healthy teeth and gums and may help to protect you from certain diseases. Having healthy teeth and gums make your smiles look more attractive. Dental cavities (decay) and bacterial infections are mainly the results of poor oral dental care and faulty eating habits – too much sugar and refined foods.  Tooth decay occurs when bacteria in the mouth blend with food particles and saliva to form a sticky substance also called “plaque”.+ Read less >

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Pain Center

”Ouch that hurts”. No one likes to get injured and feel pain but sometimes it is unavoidable.  Pain is an unpleasant sensation that is caused by stimulation from the peripheral nerves - it serves to protect the body and often generates a reflex reaction in response. Then when the pain is received by the peripheral nerve the information is sent to the spinal cord and from there pain signals are submitted to the brain. This is the process that is going on in our body whenever there is an injury. Most people often resource to the most common over the counter pain killer medications such as Aspirin or Tylenol.+ Read less >

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Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson`s disease is a slowly progressive, irreversible, degenerative disease of the Central Nervous System affecting people between 40-70 years of age. Men are at higher risk of developing Parkinson`s disease than women. Women also tend to be older than men at the onset of the disease. The motor symptoms associated with Parkinson`s disease are the result of the loss of dopamine in the section of the brain (substantia nigra) that controls voluntary activities. Parkinson disease can affect cognitive function and those who suffer from this disease have a higher risk of developing dementia as well.+ Read less >

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Pet Health

They don’t care if we have a bad hair day or if we make a mistake; our animal friends/companions show us unconditional love and don’t judge or criticize us. Many people have opened their heart to a pet and treat and accept them as a member of the family. Our animal friends provide us with companionship and joy. They always seem to know how to calm and soothe us or how and when to put a smile on our face…..and much more…. As a pet guardian we experience lots of pleasure however there are responsibilities we took on as well. + Read less >

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Pregnancy is the time between implantation of a fertilized egg and giving birth which lasts approximately 9 months. Many pregnancy related problems can arise during the term of the pregnancy and good nutrition prior and after pregnancy and pregnancy supplements can help to prevent any complications. During pregnancy the female body requires an increased amount of calories, protein and vitamins such as Vitamin B Complex, Calcium, Iron, Folic Acid, Zinc as well as other micro and macronutrients also rest and relaxation. + Read less >

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Prostate health

The prostate is a male reproductive gland approximately the size of a walnut it is part of the urethra and is located just below the urinary bladder. The prostate gland secretes a milky fluid which is a chief component of sperm it also controls the release of urine from the bladder. It is the most common site of health complaints in the urinary system, the most frequent prostate disorders are Prostatitis, Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) or enlarged, inflamed prostate and Prostate Cancer. The prostate gland develops mostly during puberty and remains it size until approximately age 40 when it begins to increase – “hypertrophy” and in some men it won’t stop growing. + Read less >

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Respiratory Health

The respiratory system of the human body is made up of the upper (nose, pharynx, larynx and trachea) and lower (bronchioles, alveoli and lungs) respiratory tract.  The primary function of the respiratory is to supply oxygen to the blood and remove carbon dioxide from the blood. Our body cells require continuous source of oxygen to perform their vital functions. Oxygen is one of the most essential elements, without oxygen we would not be able to survive. The respiratory system is susceptible to a number of ailments ranging from mild such as coughs to life threatening conditions like lung cancer and emphysema. + Read less >

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Sexual Health & Libido

Sexual health & libido not only provides short-term physical pleasure, it has proven to have long-term benefits and improve overall health. According to scientific studies sex can help strengthen your immune system – increases levels of antibodies or “immunoglobulin’s”, reduce stress and stress-related cholesterol levels, improve cardiovascular health, and reduce pain due to an increase of oxytocin levels; oxytocin also promotes sleep and relaxation and for those who want to lose a few pounds, sex helps to burn calories too. + Read less >

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Skin Health

The skin is the body’s largest organ and it is constantly exposed to various toxins. Your skin primarily acts as a sensory organ - a protective organ against pathogens; it regulates body temperature, eliminates waste products and synthesizes Vitamin D. The appearance of your skin very much reveals what’s going on inside your body. Psoriasis, eczema, acne, dehydrated/wrinkled or oily skin all are indicators of an illness or poor internal health due to poor dietary habits as well as exposure to endogenous (internal) and exogenous (external) toxins. + Read less >

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Stress has become part of our life and at times it is difficult to avoid it. Stress is a physical response to events or situations that make you feel endangered or disrupt your equilibrium in one way or another. When you are exposed to what you perceive as danger, your body’s defense mechanism known as the “fight-or-flight” or stress response kicks in, in order to protect your body. Stress is not all negative. A modest amount of stress can be healthy and may even help you to reach your goals or save yours or the life of someone else in emergency situations.+ Read less >

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A stroke occurs when oxygen supply to the brain is stopped, brain tissues begin to die within a matter of minutes, and never redevelop. The magnitude of damage done to the brain depends on the length of the disruption and the time elapsed between the stroke and the time medical attention is received. A large number of strokes are the result of arteriosclerosis an ailment caused by build-up of fatty deposits in the arterial walls which block blood flow. Other conditions which may contribute to an increased risk of a stroke include, genetic risk factors, diabetes, obesity, elevated homocysteine levels, high blood pressure, heart abnormalities (i.e. irregular heartbeat, damaged heart valve) and the use of oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) prescription medications. + Read less >

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The thyroid gland is one component of the endocrine system; it is located at the base of the throat just below the Adam’s apple. The primary function of the thyroid is the synthesis, storage and secretion of T4 and T3 hormones and controlling thyroid secretion. The hormones secreted by the thyroid affect nearly every cell in the body and control our metabolic rate. Thyroid hormones are essential for cell metabolism, healthy tissue growth and development. Thyroid imbalances are quite common today and the most frequently occurring conditions associated with the thyroid are known as hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) and hyperthyroidisms (overactive thyroid).+ Read less >

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Ulcers (Duodenal or Gastric)

Ulcers most commonly form in the stomach (gastric ulcer) or in the duodenum (peptic ulcer) and are the result of eroded stomach tissue – caused by weak stomach lining and reduced sodium bicarbonate secretion. There are a number of factors that can contribute to the development of an ulcer; a link between stress & anxiety and the formation of ulcers has been established due to the increased production of gastric acid. People who take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, drink, smoke or practice unhealthy dietary habits are at a greater risk of developing either peptic or gastric ulcers. An infection with the bacteria “Helicobacter pylori” or “H. pylori” could be the cause of an ulcer as well. + Read less >

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Varicose, Vein Care

Varicose veins basically are enlarged raised blood vessels and most commonly occur on the upper leg (thigh), lower leg (calf) and/or anus, where they referred to as “hemorrhoids”. While varicose veins might be painful and cause physical discomfort, they don’t present a serious health risk.  Lifestyle and dietary habits (i.e. poor diet, inactive lifestyle, obesity, standing for long period of time and pregnancy) play a significant role in the development of varicose veins. A balanced whole food diet high in fibre and low in fat with regular exercise can contribute to prevention and assist those with this condition. Varicose vein supplements may help to discourage the formation of varicose veins or provide relief of symptoms associated with this condition.+ Read less >

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A vegan is someone who avoids all products derived from animals – they don’t consume or use any animal or animal by-products nor do they purchase products that have been tested on animals. Vegans adapt this lifestyle for ethical reasons, religious beliefs and health & environmental concerns.  The ideal diet of vegans in general consists of plenty of vegetables and fruits, sea vegetables, whole grains, plant-based essential fatty acids (flax & hemp),  legumes and nuts & seeds (source of protein) – food combining such as whole grains/nuts/seeds and legumes create a complete protein. + Read less >

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Women's Health

Women’s body have different nutritional requirements from their male counterparts, this is why Body Energy Club offers a big selection of women’s health supplements specifically designed for the female body. The female body requires a higher concentration of Calcium in order to minimize the risk of developing osteoporosis and Iron especially before menopause to prevent iron deficiencies or “anemia” due to the loss of iron during menstruation. Body Energy Club’s offers a variety of effective high-quality women’s health supplements that help to enhance overall health and target more specific health concerns. + Read less >

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